Quest:Crafting: Artisan Tailor

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Crafting: Artisan Tailor
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Fladdan
Starts at Craft-hall of Esteldín
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.7S, 40.5W]
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Tailor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have been sent to me at an important time in your journey as a crafter, <name>. As I'm sure you've noticed, you are very close to becoming an artisan tailor.

'Artisans can no longer execute their recipes at ordinary workbenches; instead, they must use the superior workbench, like this one beside me.

'Before granting you access to artisan recipes, I want to make sure you are truly proficient as an expert. I would like you to execute three recipes and deliver the goods you make to folks who have need of it. They will tell me if what you make is evidence that you have achieved true proficiency as an expert.'


You have been sent to an expert crafting vendor to have your own expertise appraised before moving on to Artisanship.

Objective 1

The crafting recipes you must create can be found in your crafting panel.

You should craft the three recipes required by Fladdan for your growth as a Tailor.

Fladdan: 'You need to craft sturdy leather bindings, a cotton cloak, and sturdy leather armour.'
You have sewn a cotton cloak
You have sewn sturdy leather armour

Objective 2

  • Bring the cotton cloak to Eón
  • Bring the sturdy leather armour to Herondan

People in need of the tailored items you have sewn can be found throughout Esteldín.

You should bring your sewn goods to the townsfolk of Esteldín.

Fladdan: 'Bring the sturdy leather bindings to Roddan, the cotton cloak to Eón, and the sturdy leasther armour to Herondan.'
Roddan: 'Ah, leather bindings! I am always looking to get my hands on these...they help to complete some of the armour pieces I can craft, but I am no tailor. Thank you for this useful donation.'
Herondan: 'A fine piece of leather armour! I have some need of this, as you see. It does look a little small, though….
'No matter! A tight-fitting shirt always shows me at my best.'
Eón: 'A cloak…of the softest cotton! Thank you, kind tailor. I have naught, but this cloak will keep out the chill. That is a gift beyond measure.'

Objective 3

Fladdan can be found in the Crafting Hall in Esteldín.

You should speak with Fladdan and tell him of the successful deliveries of the goods you made.

Herondan: 'This armour is just what I needed.'
Eón: 'Many thanks for the cloak…it shall keep me warn on cold nights.'
Fladdan: 'I have heard high praises of you from those who received your gifts. You have impressed me, <name>. I believe you are ready to advance as an artisan.'