Quest:Chapter 15: The Red-pass

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Chapter 15: The Red-pass
Level 30
Type Fellowship
Starts with Radagast the Brown
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.0S, 29.5W]
Ends with Radagast the Brown
Ends at Barad Dhorn
End Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [29.8S, 27.4W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 2
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Two young and headstrong youths of the Eglain, Elsa and Eriac, entered Agamaur with a small company. They sought to find the power behind the threat to their people, but if the Gaunt-lord Ivar has come to Agamaur, I fear they face a power they cannot overcome. They need your help.

'The Red Swamp is divided into two regions. The southern marshes, Haragmar, you know. Elsa and Eriac entered Agamaur, the northern marshes, through the Red-pass. It is a passage known only to the Eglain...and myself.

'I will accompany you, for the shadow that has come to Agamaur is too powerful for you to deal with alone. Gather allies to aid you, for there is no telling what evil awaits us in the swamp. Return to me when you are prepared to leave.'


Radagast told you that members of the Eglain, led by Elsa and Eriac, had entered Agamaur, the northern marshes of the Red Swamp.

Objective 1

Radagast the Brown is in the tower at the end of the main avenue in Ost Guruth.

Radagast the Brown waits to lead you into the passage to Agamaur, while you gather allies. When you are prepared to leave, you should speak with Radagast again.

Radagast the Brown: 'Are you prepared to leave? Good! We must go at once...I fear time is running short for our young Eglain friends.'
Complete the Instance: Red-pass quest.

Objective 2

Else is in the camp within the ruins.

You should speak with Elsa about your victory within Agamaur.

Elsa the Bold: 'Thank you again for your aid, <name>. You should speak now with Radagast the Brown; he is waiting for you within the tower here in the camp.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Radagast the Brown in Agamaur

The Eglain and the shades of Arthedain have established a small encampment within the ruins. Elsa of the Eglain waits to speak with you.

Your battle against Ivar's dark-water was a victory, or so it appears. The Gaunt-lord retreated into the north, pursued by Radagast the Brown, and has not been seen since.

Elsa the Bold: 'You should speak now with Radagast; he is inside the tower here in the camp.'
Radagast the Brown: 'Yes, yes, this will do nicely. I shall remain here and help the Eglain fight against Ivar. I cannot allow innocent creature to be used for such evil purposes.'