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The Mathom House
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Settlement: Michel Delving
Location: [33.4S, 75.6W]


Mathom-house is a landmark and interior within Michel Delving in the Shire. [33.4S, 75.6W]

The is the Shire's museum of mathoms, and the home of the Mathom Society. Among the most prestigious items in the collection of the Mathom-house was the mithril corslet of Bilbo Baggins, until he removed it and took it and his sword Sting with him when he left the Shire on September 22, 3001 III.

The Mathom Society members enjoy many lavish feasts, and they routinely need to restock their supply of various foods and drinks. Cooks who donate these delicacies can gain reputation with the Society. The Mathom-house offers adventurers in good standing with the Society the use of a Workbench and a Superior Study. See the Mathom Society for further details.

Note: the interior is named "The Mathom House" but the world map is naming it "Mathom-house" which is used here.



Mathom-house Entrance


The Mathom-house barterers handle the Mathom Society items.


Name Function
HobbitM.png Baldwin Foxtail Reputation Barterer
HobbitM.png Keeper Brombard Foxtail Quests
Hobbit.png Townsperson


Name Function
HobbitM.png Bungo Puddifoot Reputation Vendor & Supplier
HobbitM.png Maneser Goodbody Reputation Vendor
HobbitF.png Rue Goodbody Expert Scholar
Hobbit.png Townsperson


Eavesdropped remarks made by Mathom-house townspersons:

"Young hobbits these will we ever open our exhibit if they are always playing games?"


Basement of the Mathom-house Second floor of the Mathom-house

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