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Image of Langfirth
Title Elfward
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area Norcrofts
Settlement Faldham
Map Ref [54.6S, 57.6W]


Langfirth is found in the settlement of Faldham, training the soldiers.

He is a member of the group of elite soldiers called the "Elfward", Thane Elfmar's most trusted.

Quest Involvement


The Elfward are a group of exeptionally talented riders and warriors who have sworn loyalty to Thane Elfmar. They have served not only Elfmar, but at times have lent aid to Marshalls Elfhelm, and Éomer. Athelward has requested that Elfmar's riders be sent north to defend the capital, but the Elfward has rejected his summons and have sworn to protect the crofters of Faldham. - Guard of Faldham

Other members of the Elfward: