LOTRO Store Tomes of Might Bundle

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Tomes of Might Bundle

Increase your Might stat by 75 with just one purchase of the Tome of Might Bundle.
Buying the bundle is cheaper (525 LOTRO Point ) than buying each tier separately! (1475 LOTRO Point )
  • Five tomes are delivered to inventory. They must be applied sequentially.
  • Each tier will have a level restriction beginning at level 1 for Tier 1 and ending at level 20 for Tier 5.
  • Increase chance to block or parry
  • Heal allies more efficiently as a Captain or Beorning
  • Deal more damage as a Champion, Guardian, Warden, Captain, or Beorning
Item Uses Levels Points
Tomes of Might Bundle Character All 525 LOTRO Point