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Bonus Character Slot

Purchasing this Character Slot allows the purchaser to create one additional character on each game world, to a maximum of around 50 per world.

  • F2P players start with 2 character slots per server.
  • Premium players start with 5 slots per server.
  • VIP players start with 7 slots per server (2 of these are "rentals" and lost when subscription ends).

Other Available Character Slots

The following purchases also include additional character slots. These are available independently of the "Bonus Character Slot" items in the LOTRO Store:

  • Mines of Moria expansion (2 slots): Purchase of the full Mines of Moria expansion adds two additional character slots to the account's total.
Note: These two character slots are only included with the full expansion. They are not included with Expansion Quests: Moria or the separate Rune-keeper or Warden purchases.
  • Beorning+Slot bundle (1 slot): Purchase of the Beorning+Slot bundle adds one additional character slot to the account's total.
Note: The Beorning+Slot bundle can be purchased if you have previously purchased the Beorning class.

Historic note

  • When the game started, all accounts were effectively VIP, and had 5 slots.
  • 2 were added with the purchase of Moria (at the time the quest pack could not be brought separately)
  • Extra slots began to be available when the Store was introduced. At the time F2P had 2 slots, Premium had 3 and VIP 5.
  • On August 18th 2015, Premium was increased to 5 and VIP to 7.
  • With the Server Transfers of 2015/6 World Transfers - July 2015 the number of purchasable slots were approximately doubled.

Level Classes Uses Quantity Points
All All Account 1 595 LOTRO Point