Harvest Festival 2007

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Come one, come all
To the second annual festival!
Full of dancing, harvesting,
Games of chance, and horse racing!
Lots to do and lots to win,
So don't miss the Harvest Festival!

Players can celebrate throughout Middle-earth from October 26th to November 11th by interacting with special vendors, earning unique items and participating in quests designed just for the Harvest Festival including:

  • Horse Racing - Players can compete against each other in a horse race! Winners will receive a horse race token that can be used to purchase a Harvest Festival horse.

  • Games of Chance - The Harvest Festival will host four games. Players can bob for apples in the Shire or try geode picking with the Dwarves to earn Harvest Festival tokens that can be used to buy special festival items.

  • Harvesting the Crop - This new collection of quests enables players to harvest the crops they planted during the Summer Solstice Festival in June and earn a special item for their house.

  • Dancing - There will be dancing quests with new race-specific dance emotes as a reward.


Thorin's Hall- In the tavern below

Celondim- Just south of the town

Hobbiton- The Party Field, north of the river

Bree-land Festival Grounds, north of Bree

  • Dances with Men (once you obtain the reward you cannot repeat quest)
  • Festival Run (Reward: Festival Horse upgrade token)

Mini Games

Thorin's Hall

  • Geode Hunting

Celondim- Just south of the town

  • Scroll-grabbing

Hobbiton- The Party Field, north of the river

  • Apple Bobbing

Bree-land Festival Grounds, north of Bree

  • Pumpkin Picking

Festival Items

Fall Festival Token-icon.png Fall Festival Token can be traded for other items; mostly for housing items.

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Paper Sheet 1 (common)-icon.png Guide to the Cowbell
Free Peoples' Flag-icon.png Free Peoples' Flag
Scarecrow-icon.png Scarecrow
Giant Pumpkin-icon.png Giant Pumpkin
Harvest Statue-icon.png Harvest Statue
Wooden Beaver Statue-icon.png Wooden Beaver Statue
Goblin Statue-icon.png Goblin Statue
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