Friend of Feline Hunters (Spotted Sabercat)

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Friend of Feline Hunters (Spotted Sabercat)-icon.png
 Friend of Feline Hunters (Spotted Sabercat)
  • Induction: 1.5s
  • Summons a sabre-tooth cat companion.

    The sabre-tooth cat hails from the north and can wield the cold of its home.
  • Cost: (Level × 2) Power

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Level: 56

Item: Talisman of the Spotted Sabercat


The trait Hardy Companion changes the name of this skill to "Improved Friend of Feline Hunters (Spotted Sabercat)", although the skill itself will largely be unchanged. A summoned pet with Hardy Companion slotted is one level higher than usual and has +5% morale, +5% power, +2% attack speed, +2% outgoing damage, +1% critical chance, +2% block chance, +2% parry chance, +2% evade chance, +1 stealth and +1 stealth detection.

Tactical Information

This skill summons a Sabertooth Cat with a spotted appearance.


Spotted Sabercat appearance.jpg