Essences (Level 61-80) Index

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The following table compares the various level 61-80 (tier 3-4) essences available for essence-slotted gear.

Master Item IndexArmour IndexWeapons IndexJewellery Index
Essences: Level 41-60Level 61-80Level 81-100Level 101-115Class-specific
Consumables: Morale PotionsPower PotionsCurative PotionsCooked FoodFortifying FoodTrail FoodHope TokensBattle Lore
BuffsOilsShield-spikesBeveragesFine DrinksStrong DrinksPipe-weedCampfire Kits
Class Items: BeorningBurglarCaptainChampionGuardianHunterLore-masterMinstrelRune-keeperWarden
Crafting Items: Crafting ToolsCrafting LoreCrafting JournalsMastery Components

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