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Drakes, one of the sub-species of Dragon-kind, are winged, medium-sized Dragons. Though not as vast as the ancient Dragons such as Smaug, Drakes are certainly large enough to pose a significant threat to adventurers. Drakes are noted for walking on two hind legs and possessing bat-like wings under their forelegs. They are also sometimes distinguished by their breath-weapons. Fire-drakes belch flame while Cold-drakes produce an aura of ice. The term "Cold-drake" is also used for dragons that are unable to breathe fire.

Like all Dragons, Drakes were bred by the Dark Lord Morgoth in the First Age. Many were wiped out in the War of Wrath that ended that era but some survived into the Third Age, with a few serving his former lieutenant Sauron and troubling the Free Peoples. They are especially hated by the race of Dwarves, who blame the Drakes for driving them from their homes in the Grey Mountains.

Drakes are found in the Ram Dúath and east of Gorothlad in Angmar, as well as in Giant Valley in The Trollshaws. A breed of Drakes known as the Gwiber live in Enedwaith. Fire-drakes stalk the Dale-lands and Cold-drakes lurk in Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath. Drakes are Elite and are always aggressive with a wide aggro range. They are weak to Ancient Dwarf-make damage and resistant to Song.

Drakes are found in many places. Known sightings are:

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