Crafting Quests

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Crafting-quest-icon.pngThere are 3 different types of crafting quests.

Crafting Progression Quests

These are offered by any of the various Masters of Apprentices/Mistresses of Apprentices located throughout Middle-earth. They are based on vocation as well as profession. Each progression level offers a deed. Tier 1 deeds require each "Introduction to <Profession>" quest in the player's vocation. These Introduction quests correspond with Apprentice level crafting skills.

Crafting Instances

These are instances specifically designed to allow gathering crafting materials. The ones in Moria have a 3-day cooldown until each instance resets, and the ones in Hytbold have a 24-hour cooldown until each instance resets.

Using Your Skills

These quests seem to have been designed to encourage players to start crafting, and to demonstrate the basics of crafting interdependency. The items required and rewarded are all Tier 1 items. Most are level 10, although the Bree ones are 15, as is the odd one near the Forsaken Inn; one is listed as level 6. In practice any level character can do them.

To help in planning if you wish to do these quests:

  • Ered Luin
    • 1 Cook
    • 2 Jeweller
    • 2 Metalsmith
    • 2 Scholar
    • 1 Weaponsmith
    • 1 Woodworker
  • The Shire
    • 4 Cook
    • 1 Scholar
  • Bree-land
    • 1 Jeweller
    • 1 Tailor
    • 1 Weaponsmith
    • 1 Woodworker
  • Bree
    • 1 Cook
    • 1 Jeweller
    • 1 Metalsmith
    • 1 Scholar

Abridged Item List to Complete the Above Quests


x1 Scroll of Minor Tailoring Lore

x2 Scroll of Minor Woodworking Lore

x1 Scroll of Minor Metalworking Lore

x1 Scroll of Minor Weaponsmithing Lore

x1 Scroll of Minor Battle Lore


x2 Campfire Kits

x2 Mushroom Pie - 2x 1 obtainable as reward from Fallen Apples and Sheep Theft, 3 obtainable as reward from Old Forest Investigation

x2 Pie Crust

x5 Eggs and Onions - Obtainable as selectable reward from Gísli's Favourite, Honey-bears, Old Bauman's Farm, Now is Found and Old Forest Investigation

x7 Hard Biscuits - 2x 3 obtainable as selected reward from The Trouble With Harvest-flies and Rousting Ruffians

x2 Roast Pork - Obtainable as reward from Violet in Peril and as selectable reward from The Fate of Prunella Boffin


x3 Polished Agate

x1 Glittering Copper Necklace

x2 Glittering Copper Ring


x3 Rowan Bowstaff

x3 Rowan Haft - Obtainable as reward from Crafting: Laegon Practises His Craft

x1 Rowan Hammer


x1 Bronze Armour

x1 Bronze Buckler

x1 Bronze Leggings

x1 Bronze Gloves

x1 Bronze Helm


x1 Padded Gloves


x1 Bronze Axe

x4 Bronze Blade

x2 Bronze Hilts - Obtainable as selectable reward from Crafting: Michel Delving's Youngest Seamstress