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The Misty Mountains

  • This category contains quests based on geography, those which have a starting-location within The Misty Mountains, see the area sub-categories.
  • Levels indicate the main levels; class, faction, festival, and odd quests are not included.
  • For the quests in the quest group named "Misty Mountains", see Misty Mountains Quests.

See the listed sub-categories for locations, levels, and notes. See also The Misty Mountains Quest Chains.

Quests per Area, Ordered per Level Range

Area Levels Notes
Bruinen Source West 39 - 45 Quests Also higher level quests available for surrounding areas
Bruinen Source North 41 - 45 Quests
Bruinen Source East 42 - 43 Involving quests only
High Crag 43 - 44 Quests
Giant Halls 43 - 45 Involving quests only - Fellowship - also higher level class quests
Northern High Pass 45 - 47 Quests
Southern High Pass 47 - 49 Involving quests only
Goblin-town 48 - 50 ? Quests Many quests are given at Glóin's Camp and in Rivendell
Helegrod 50 - 130 Quests World instances, from level 50


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