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Glóin's Camp

Hidden by Drifts

  1. Unwitting Scavengers (40) - Auto bestow when entering region
  2. Deluros of Rivendell (40)
  3. The Missing Fragments (40)
  4. A Scholar's Lesson (40)

Dangers in the High Passes

  1. Rampaging Beasts (40) - Auto bestow when entering region
  2. Hidden by Fur and Snow (40)

High Crag

Every Last Ingot

  1. Old Treasures (40) - Auto bestow when entering Bruinen Source North
  2. Every Last Ingot (41)
  3. The Other Chest (42)
  4. The Last Ingot (42)
  5. Real Treasure (42)

Warning Signs

  1. Warning: Evil Men (40)
  2. Warning: Evil Dwarves (42)
  3. Warning: Evil Giants (45) - Fellowship

Mighty Giants Indeed

Thunder in the Mountains

  1. Giant Country (45) - Fellowship - Auto bestow when entering Giant Halls
  2. Thunder in the Mountains (45) - Fellowship


Goblin Fire

  1. Gandalf's Secret Recipe (43)
  2. Conflagration (43)

Dire Pack

  1. Way of the Pack (43) - Vector to Hrimbarg
  2. Blackfang (43)


Scales of Vengeance

Gauradan Curse

Goblin Town

  • When you have started the Bilbo's Buttons deed, you can go talk to Bilbo to hear the story.

If you have Bilbo's quest to visit the backdoor to Goblin Town (Passage to Darkness), do that one and then return to him, he will send you to Dwalin in Thorin's Hall, and Glóin. Go to Dwalin first because he will have this quest which also sends you to Glóin:

Glóin's second camp, outside Goblin Town:

Investigating Goblin-town

  1. Goblins at the Gate (45) - Glóin
  2. Order from the Darkness (45) - Glóin
  3. Memory of the Wargs (45) - Glóin
  4. Rumours of the North (45) - Glóin - (unlocks after grabbing Memory of the Wargs)
  5. Indecipherable (45) - Glóin - (unlocks after completing Rumours of the North)

Dim Memories of the Dark

  1. Passage to Darkness (45) - Bilbo
  2. My Dwarf Friends (45) - Bilbo
  3. Preparing for the Dark (45) - Bilbo
  4. The Undiscovered Path (45) - Bilbo

In the Foe's Grasp

  1. Other Prisoners (45) - Aeglas
  2. Stirring Up Trouble (45) - Aeglas
  3. Plan in Motion (45) - Aeglas

The Great Escape

  1. Keepers and the Kept (45) - Oghûk
  2. Drummers in the Deep (45) - Oghûk
  3. Matuga and the Jailor's Key (45) - Oghûk
  4. The Great Escape (45) - Aeglas

Goblin-town Throne Room

To be able to kill the Emissary, go along the right side of the room, killing all mobs, or he might have been killed by the Great Goblin. If you want to see the cut scene where he dies: When you first enter the instance go directly into main room of instance and clear mobs up to the pit with boss below in it. Do not go beyond it. Wait on the edge of the pit, opposite the throne. After waiting for quite some time the Great Goblin will walk down towards the pit and the Emissary will be brought before him. Here is the script of the cut scene: Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town


Stirrings Within Helegrod

  1. Stirrings Within Helegrod (45)
  2. The Deeds of Durin (45)
  3. In Sight of the Bitter Stair (45) - Glóin (outside Goblin Town)

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