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Links with Bree (22-23)

Traders From Bree

Falster the Fox:

  1. Falster's Request [23]

Lily Sandheaver:

  1. Candac's Delay [22] (to Forsaken Inn)
  2. Candac's Obligation [23]

Annunlos & Minas Eriol (22-25)

Mostly given by residents & visitors to the Forsaken Inn and near Minas Eriol.

Inn Troubles


Anlaf the Forlorn:

Vengence for the Lost

Gadaric Munce:

  1. In any order:
  2. My Brother Hunulf [24]

Little Menaces

From Anlaf the Forlorn after finding the pendant:

Lieva Dourlily:

Noble Deeds

Constable Bram Ashleaf:

Individual Quests

Gadaric Munce:

Lieva Dourlily:

Looted Polished Pendant:

The Eglain - People of the Lone-lands

Group of quest givers in the Eglain camp near the east entrance to Ost Laden:

Hunulf Munce:

  1. In any order:
  2. In any order:
  3. Earned Trust [26]

Wolves of the Scrub

Old Mugwort at the Eglain camp:

  1. [25] Raising the Wargs' Ire
  2. [25] Drawing the Pack

Weathertop (22-25)

These quests all start with Candaith the Ranger, who is on the North-West side of Weathertop.
In practice a full group needs an average level significantly above the 20 listed to complete Retake Weathertop.

Book II: The Red Maid

  1. [22] Chapter 1: Rise of the Orcs
  2. [22] Chapter 2: An Orc Messenger
  3. [22] Chapter 3: War-master Uzorr
  4. [22] Chapter 4: Light in the Darkness
  5. [23] Chapter 5: Retake Weathertop
  6. [25] Chapter 6: Protected by the Eglain

Nain Enidh (25 - 29)

Mostly started from Ost Guruth

The Eglain - Honourless People

Examine looted Tarnished Necklace:

The Forsaken Lone-lands

Refr Quicksilver stands outside a dwarf cave (Iorvinas):

  1. Dour Dwarves [25]
  2. A Dwarf's Duty [25]
  3. Enemies of the Eglain [25]

Orcs and Dwarves

Logi inside Iorvinas:

  1. In either order:
  2. Dwarf, Interrupted [26]


  1. There is Something in These Halls [26]
  2. Orc, Interrupted [26]

Refr Quicksilver (after both lines finish):

  1. Towards the Eglain [26]

Angmar Rising


Triumph and Tragedy


Song of the Red Swamp

Frideric the Elder:

  1. Hana's Dream [28]
  2. Noisome Neighbours [28]



  1. Venom of the Ruin-stalkers [26]
  2. A Plague Upon Us [27]
  3. Terror in the Sky [27]
  4. Well-prepared [29]
  5. Clear Water [29]

Evil in the Ruins

Frideric the Elder:

  1. Supporting our Scouts [29]
  2. in any order:



Gentle Giants

  1. An Offering of Peace [27]
  2. An Offering of Peace, Part II [28]
  3. In any order:
  4. A Brokered Peace [29]

Within the Ruins

Narthan in Ost Haer:



Agamaur (30-31)


  1. Proof's Burden [28] Fellowship
  2. Long Overdue Justice [30] Fellowship

Long Overdue Justice


Tainted Living

Radagast the Brown (Prerequisite: Book 2 chapter 15):

Angmar's Army

Eriac the Strong:

Garth Agarwen (Instance) (31-35)

All fellowship quests as almost all mobs are elites or higher.

The Red Maid

Prerequisite:Book 2 chapter 8

  1. Vessel of Purity [29] Fellowship (Agamaur)
  2. Reclaim the Lost Maiden [35] Fellowship

Vector Quests

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