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View the Summer Festival page for more information about this seasons activities.

Starting Locations

Automatic Quest Bestowal

Bree-land - Chetwood

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

Ered Luin - Celondim

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

Ered Luin - The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall

Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall

The Shire - Bywater

The Shire - The Delving Fields

The Shire - The Party Tree

The Shire - The Taste of Hobbiton

The Inn League

  • Delivery Quests
  • Covert Reparations series
If you're playing both sides of the fence, and running quests for The Ale Association as well, you will unlock the Covert Reparations series after successfully completing An Irritating Initiation.
After completing the first time, you no longer visit Allward Chubb, just visit Oli, Kopur, Grimar and Herluf directly.

The Ale Association

  • Spoiler Quests
  • Covert Reparations
  • Delivery Quests


7 - Added with Summer Festival 2007
8 - Added with Summer Festival 2008
9 - Added with Summer Festival 2009
10 - Added with Summer Festival 2010
11 - Added with Summer Festival 2011
12 - Added with Summer Festival 2012
13 - Added with Summer Festival 2013


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