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Prerequisite: completion of A Gift from the Dwarves
Scouting the Bruinen Gorges
1. [35] Scouts Among the Bruinen Gorges

Completing this quest opens up two questchains at Narlinn's Post:

An Elf-swain's Lament

  1. [36] A Perfect Feather
  2. [36] From Thorenhad
  3. [36] Trolls in the Shaws
  4. [36] Into the Cave
  5. [36] Word of Warning

Wolves in the Shadows

  1. [36] A Snarling Threat
  2. [36] The Wolves of Drauglad

After both questchains have been completed, the rest of the main chain is unlocked:
2. [36] The Sons of Elrond
3. [36] Wolves at Their Backs
4. [36] Ost Thondol

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