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Turbine provides content for the Lord of the Rings Online in two forms -- via Quest packs and Expansions
Quest Packs refer to content provided by Turbine either "free" to VIP players or requiring purchase by Premium or F2P Players.
All standard LOTRO Quest Packs are free for VIPs as part of the VIP membership (Expansion Quests are not included in VIP membership).

Quest packs available in the LOTRO Store

Quest Pack Levels Points
Quest Pack North Downs-icon.png Quest Pack: North Downs 18-40 595 LOTRO Point 
Eriador Bundle-icon.png Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle 18-65 3995 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Trollshaws-icon.png Quest Pack: Trollshaws 35-50 595 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Evendim-icon.png Quest Pack: Evendim 32-40 595 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Misty Mountains-icon.png Quest Pack: Misty Mountains 39-50 695 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Forochel-icon.png Quest Pack: Forochel 39-52 595 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Angmar-icon.png Quest Pack: Angmar 40-52 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Eregion-icon.png Quest Pack: Eregion 45-55 695 LOTRO Point 
Expansion Mines of Moria-icon.png Expansion Quests: Moria 51-60 1495 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Lothlorien-icon.png Quest Pack: Lothlorien 55-60 695 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Mirkwood-icon.png Expansion Quests: Mirkwood 61-65 695 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Enedwaith-icon.png Quest Pack: Enedwaith 65+ 695 LOTRO Point 
Expansion Isengard-icon.png Expansion Quests: Isengard 65-75 1495 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Great River-icon.png Quest Pack: Great River 72-75 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Rohan-icon.png Expansion Quests: Rohan 75-85 1495 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Wildermore-icon.png Quest Pack: Wildermore 83-85 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack West Gondor-icon.png Quest Pack:Western Gondor 95-100 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Central Gondor-icon.png Quest Pack:Central Gondor 100 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack East Gondor-icon.png Quest Pack:East Gondor 100 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Old Anórien-icon.png Quest Pack: Old Anórien 100 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack March of the King-icon.png Quest Pack: March of the King 105 795 LOTRO Point 
Quest Pack Where Dragons Dwell-icon.png Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell 115 1995 LOTRO Point 

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