Brogur (Walls of Moria)

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This page is about the quest NPC in the Walls of Moria. For the quest NPC in the Chamber of Leadership, see Brogur (Chamber of Leadership). For the quest NPC in the Chamber of Command, see Brogur (The Chamber of Command)
Image of Brogur
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Eregion
Area Walls of Moria
Map Ref [50.3S, 5.6W]


Brogur is one of the dwarves leading the most recent expedition into Moria. Before entering the mines, he is found at the Walls of Moria along the trail leading to the Hollin Gate at [50.3S, 5.6W], worrying about some lost dwarfs.

Quest Involvement

Vol. 2, Book 1: