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You are about to create an article for a new location page, also referred to as a Point of Interest.
There are multiple types of locations -- those which are marked on the large, in-game map (M), and those which are not.
Select the boilerplate below as appropriate:


The most common type of location or Point of Interest for which you will be creating an article.
Once it is 'discovered' it is usually marked with a red flag on the large, in-game map (M). Example: Bag End.
These Landmarks are typically goals of various Explorer Deeds.


A city, village, or encampment - a "settlement" always has some services.
Larger or more important settlements are often marked with blue icons on the large, in-game map. Examples: Bree, Waymeet, Adso's Camp.


Any building that may be entered. Examples:
Interiors are normally directly related to a specific Landmark or Point of Interest.


Sections of the game separated out of the main world for quests or story-telling, as public dungeons, private fellowship or solo instances, skirmishes or massive raids. For a category of all see: Category:Instances. Instances may be entered via the Instance Finder window. Examples: Great Barrow: The Maze, Glinghant, Urugarth.

Areas and Regions are defined by Turbine and are usually delineated in the Press Releases, Release Announcements and the actual Release Notes. They are only found in Expansions and Major updates. Areas and Regions are normally quite static and rarely need creation.


A typically large section of a region.
Areas are not marked with red flags on the map but the system message when entering an area always reads in yellow. Example: The Hill within The Shire.
All Areas are part of Category: Political Geography


A large geographic area comprised of multiple Areas, such as Bree-land or The Shire. At present, there are just 30 regions, they are defined by Turbine and may change with "Expansions," and they are found in one of the four "lands" of Middle-earth.

Fill out the suggested details; if something essential is missing, add a {{Stub/X}} where X may be Image, Location, Other, etc., so that others may find and complement your submission. The templates will automatically add the location to the correct Lotro-Wiki Category; however, you may want to manually add the location to e.g. Public Dungeons, Ruins, etc.

Navigation box

{{Region Navigation Box
|collapse    = no
|header      = 
|settlements = 
|areas       = 
|landmarks   = 
Note that the Doc page includes the category entry

<-- Use this "Bullet" character between links -->

Example (strongly shortened):

{{Region Navigation Box
|collapse = no
|header = [[Ered Luin]]
|settlements = [[Celondim]] • [[Duillond]] • [[Gondamon]] • [[Noglond]] • [[Thorin's Hall]]

|areas = [[Falathlorn]] • [[Low Lands]] • [[Rath Teraig]] • [[Thorin's Gate]] • [[Thorin's Hall Homesteads]]

|landmarks = [[Amon Thanc]] • [[Frerin's Court]] • [[Skirmish Camp]] [[Thorin's Gates]] • [[Thrasi's Lodge]]
}}<noinclude>[[Category: Region Navigation Templates|Ered Luin]]</noinclude>

Use this page layout for a Region page.
Note that this is formatted for tranclusion into the apropriate Land page.

Clean Copy

[[File:<region-image>.jpg|600px|center|thumb|<Region>]]  <-- an image (if any) for the Region goes here
<onlyinclude> <- Start of area transcluded into "Land" Page ->
  <- Descriptive details of the region
* '''Level:''' <low>-<highest>
* '''Factions:''' [[<Faction>]] and [[<Faction>]]
* '''Crafting:''' <Teir Number> and <Teir Name>
* '''Introduced:''' [[<Game Expansion or Update Name>]], <Date>

== Lore ==
  <- ... Lore information is typically provided by Turbine in the Press Release describing the new Region.
  <- It may frequently also include information on the associated Areas, especially geographic descriptions.

== Locations ==
:* List of major Settlements, Fortresses, castles, battlegrounds, instances

== Areas ==
There are <NNN> [[area]]s in the <name> [[Region]]:
=== [[Area one]] ===
{{AreaOne}} <- transclusion of the area navigation template for area one ->
=== [[Area two]] ===
=== [[Area three]] ===

== Connected to ==
:* [[ConnectedArea1]]
:* [[ConnectedArea2]] <- if more than one ->
</onlyinclude>  <- End of area transcluded into "Land" Page ->

== Crafting ==
:* list of crafting locations 
:* resource teirs and types of material found in region

== Reputation Factions ==
:* [[FactionOne]]
:* [[FactionTwo]] <- as needed ->

== Quest Chains == 
<categorytree depth="1" hideprefix="always" showcount="on"><Region> Quests</categorytree>

: Epic Quest line continues throughout Region:   <- separate the Epic quest line ->
{{Questbox| Volume III, Book 7: A Fellowship Endangered | collapsed |
[[:Category:Vol. III. Book 7 Quests]]
{{:Category:Vol. III. Book 7 Quests}}

{{Questbox| AreaOne Quests | collapsed | 
{{:Category:AreaOne Quests}}  <- This trancludes the quest list from the Category page for that area. 

{{:Category:<Region> Task Quests}} <- transcludes the Region Task Quest list

{{:Category:<Region> Warband Quests}} <- transcludes the Region Warbands index

== Deeds ==
{{:<region> Deeds}} <- transcludes the Region Deed List
<categorytree depth=1><Region Deeds></categorytree>  <- will display a tree with the first level already open

== Creatures ==
<categorytree depth=1><Region Creatures></categorytree>  <- will display a tree with the first level already open

=== Named Creatures ===
{{:Table of Creatures}} <- transcludes the Region List
{{:<region> list}} <- transcludes the Region List
<categorytree depth=1><Region list></categorytree>  <- will display a tree with the first level already open

=== Warbands ===
{{:<region> Warbands}} <- transcludes the Region List

=== Roving Threats ===
{{:<region> Roving Threats}} <- transcludes the Region List

=== Scourges ===
{{:<region> Scourges}} <- transcludes the Region List

=== Hidden Threats ===
{{:<region> Hidden Threats}} <- transcludes the Region List

== Titles ==
{{:<region> Titles}} <- transcludes the Region Title List

== Map(s) ==
Mouseover for details. Area and instance maps available thru the [[Region#Areas| Areas]] above and thru [[:Category: Region Maps]].

[[File:<Region>_map.jpg|400px|thumb|center|<Region>]]  <-- use for single map

[[File:<Region>_map.jpg|400px|<Region>]] <-- use for multiple maps, will generally display 2 to 3 maps per row

== Category Overview ==
<categorytree mode="all" depth="1" showcount="off"><region> NPCs</categorytree>

{{Template:<Region>}}  <-transclude the Region Navigation Template
[[Category:<Region>]] <- This page is a member of the Category for this new region.

The category structure for a new region should be created as follows:

  • Category: Region -- the parent category
  • sub-category Region Areas
  • sub-category Region Creatures <-- All Creatures go by Region, not by Area. Instance and Skirmish creatures should be referred to as Mobs
  • sub-category Region Deeds
  • sub-category Region Reputation Factions
  • sub-category Region Interiors
  • sub-category Region Landmarks
  • sub-category Region Maps <-- All Maps go by Region, not by Area
  • sub-category Region Location Images <-- All Location images go by Region, not by Area
  • sub-category Region NPC Images <-- All NPC Images go by area within Region
  • sub-category Region/Area NPC Images
  • sub-category Region NPCs
  • sub-category Region Quests
  • sub-category Region Settlements
  • sub-category Region Titles
  • sub-category Region Instances <-- Category to hold all the other instance categories (deeds, mobs, etc)

Most of these Categories will be empty at first, being filled in as pages are created.