Avenger of Sarnúr

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Disambiguation: For the Avenger of Sarnúr deed see Avenger of Sarnúr (Deed).
Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, Avenger of Sarnúr
Grouped under: Slayer Deed
An alliance of enemies plots against Ered Luin from within the ancient ruins of Sarnúr, as the traitorous Dourhand seek to bring an array of forces to bear against their hated cousins the Longbeards - luckily, your excursions into the ruins have resulted in the deaths of many of their leaders.
Deed: Avenger of Sarnúr

Defeat the following 6 bosses in Sarnur's Great Hall

All of these will drop a rare item and a Beryl Shard as well as being "bosses" required for this deed/title.