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The 11th Anniversary

April 24, 2018, marks the eleventh anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Online and as such special events will take place from April 19th 10am to May 14th 3am.
An Anniversary Encore is also scheduled to run from June 7th 10am to June 18th 3am.

SSG's Official Announcement: [1]

"LOTRO's 11th Anniversary is here and we want you to be a part of our celebration! We would like extend a gift as our way of saying thank you for joining us on our journey over the last eleven years! During the Anniversary Festival, which runs from April 20th through May 8th, Premium and VIP players will be eligible to receive gifts based on their account status* as of 11:59am EDT on April 18th, 2018. All active players will be able to participate in our anniversary festivities for their chance to earn rewards!"

11th Anniversary Live Twitch stream

LOTRO will hold a Elevnth Anniversary Livestream on their Twitch channel. Join Cordovan and the rest of the Standing Stone Games crew from 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for a 12-hour livestream celebration of LOTRO's Elevenses!! Featuring interviews, in-game fun, a dig through the archives and more![2]

Other Events

The festival repeats the events from previous Anniversary Festivals, with the addition of new items including a Sea-ward Steed, Tome of the Beaver, two fiddles and a set of cosmetics based on the Waking Wood. Anniversary account rewards have also been added for accounts created on or before April 30, 2007. An eleventh set of scavenger hunt quests are available from the Party Tree.

Festival Grounds

Methel-stage [32.6S, 69.9W] and The Shire Race-track [35.4S, 73.5W]

Anniversary Gifts and Character Portrait Frames

Gifts are bestowed to accounts according to Account Status - see References below for a detailed explanation of Account Status.
The gift boxes are automatically placed in the inventories of all characters on the account upon character login, provided there are enough open spaces available. If you did not have enough inventory spaces, the remaining gifts will appear upon the next login when enough spaces are open.
Eligible players will have their new Character Portrait Frames automatically available to your characters upon login. (You must select the frame version to display.)
  • One year - Accounts created on April 30, 2017, or earlier: 1-year Giftbox
A New Adventurer
Fireworks (incomparable)-icon.png Anniversary Fireworks
  • Two years - Accounts created on April 30, 2016, or earlier: 2-year Giftbox
A Welcome Ally
3Tome of Continuing Swiftness-icon.png Tome of Continuing Swiftness
5% Attack Damage (90 min)-icon.png +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
10Potion of Restoration-icon.png Battle Potion of Restoration
  • Three years - Accounts created on April 30, 2015, or earlier: 3-year Giftbox
A Seasoned Player
3Sturdy Steel Key (alternate)-icon.png Sturdy Steel Key
  • Four years - Accounts created on April 30, 2014, or earlier: 4-year Giftbox
A Stalward Adventurer
Festive Azure Party Dress-icon.png Festive Azure Party Dress
Festive Azure Tunic & Trousers-icon.png Festive Azure Tunic & Trousers
Festive Azure Cloak-icon.png Festive Azure Cloak
  • Five years - Accounts created on April 30, 2013, or earlier: 5-year Giftbox
Amongst the first to brave the depths of Moria
Mount 29 (rare)-icon.png Festive Azure Steed
  • Six years - Accounts created on April 30, 2012, or earlier: 6-year Giftbox
The first to answer the call to arms, you have roots in LOTRO that run as deep as the mallorn trees of Lothlórien
Festive Azure Accessory-icon.png Festive Azure Accessory
Festive Azure Halter-icon.png Festive Azure Halter
Festive Azure Caparison-icon.png Festive Azure Caparison
Festive Azure Saddle-icon.png Festive Azure Saddle
  • Seven years - Accounts created on April 30, 2011, or earlier: 7-year Giftbox
Legends in their own time. Ancient forests and men of old sing songs of your acts of valor.
Sturdy Steel Key (alternate)-icon.png Sturdy Steel Key
Reveller's Shield of the Odogil-icon.png Reveller's Shield of the Odogil
Fireworks (store)-icon.png Yellow Star Fireworks
Letter 2 (rare)-icon.png Title Writ - Seven Stars (not in giftbox)
Your Monster Play character will receive:
Letter 2 (common)-icon.png Grant Dancing Emote (not in Giftbox)
Letter 2 (common)-icon.png Title Writ - Loyal Servant of Sauron (not in giftbox)
55% Attack Damage (90 min)-icon.png +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
  • Eight years - Accounts created on April 30, 2010, or earlier: 8-year Giftbox
Songs of your deeds have traveled far and wide. Rohan, and now Gondor know your name!
Fireworks (incomparable)-icon.png Orange Star Fireworks
Hooded Cloak of the Woodland Realm-icon.png Hooded Cloak of the Woodland Realm
Your Monster Play character will receive:
Fireworks (incomparable)-icon.png Gramsfoot Crackler
55% Attack Damage (90 min)-icon.png +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
  • Nine years - Accounts created on April 30, 2009, or earlier: 9-year Giftbox
Fireworks (incomparable)-icon.png White Tree Fireworks
Letter 2 (common)-icon.png Grant Blue Orb Emote
Your Monster Play character will receive:
Fireworks (store)-icon.png Aberrant Crackler
Reaver: Paper Sheet 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Haradrim Sword Appearance
Defiler: Paper Sheet 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Half-orc Staff Appearance
Weaver: Item:Vile Spinner Appearance
Blackarrow: Item:Skirmisher Shortbow Appearance
Warleader: Paper Sheet 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Haradrim Sword Appearance
Stalker: Item:Savage Mordor Warg Appearance
Dragon Fireworks-icon.png Dragon Fireworks (permanent launcher item)
Title: Ever On and On
Your Monster Play character will receive:
Dragon Fireworks-icon.png Dragon Fireworks (permanent launcher item)
A 10-year token that can be exchanged at the appearance vendor for a cosmetic trait
Pinwheel Fireworks-icon.png Pinwheel Fireworks (permanent launcher item)
Letter 2 (store)-icon.png Grant the Elevenses Emote
Title: Elevenses
Your Monster Play character will receive:
Pinwheel Fireworks-icon.png Pinwheel Fireworks (permanent launcher item)
Title: Despoiler of Elevenses
An 11-year token that can be exchanged at the appearance vendor for a cosmetic trait

NPC Barterers

Region Name Location
Bree-land Frithbert Bree [30.3S, 51.1W]
Bree-land Verbena Greenhand Bree [30.2S, 50.9W]
Ered Luin Anniversary Vendor (Thorin's Hall) The Festival Arena [13.8S, 103.3W]
Ered Luin Gísli Strongclub The Festival Arena [13.8S, 103.3W]
Ered Luin Rökkvi Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall [13.8S, 103.3W]
Ered Luin Seifur Celondim [28.3S, 92.1W]
The Shire Ingwaldur Michel Delving [34.1S, 75.0W]
Region Name Location
Bree-land Angeline Greenpasture Market Square, Bree [30.2S, 51.0W]
Dunland Anniversary Vendor (Galtrev) Galtrev [80.2S, 16.8W]
Ered Luin Arnúlfur Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall [13.7S, 103.2W]
Ered Luin Mallenwen Celondim [28.3S, 92.1W]
Evendim Baidhrien Tinnudir [12.6S, 67.3W]
Great River Anniversary Vendor (Stangard) Stangard [25.5S, 63.4W]
The Lone-lands Ailith Ost Guruth [31.7S, 29.4W]
Lothlórien Gílbereth Caras Galadhon [16.1S, 67.0W]
Mirkwood Uramaith Ost Galadh [14.4S, 51.1W]
Moria Gunri Singebeard Twenty-first Hall [5.7S, 105.2W]
The North Downs Ruinwen Esteldín Forecourt [9.6S, 42.0W]
The Shire Drogo Whitfoot Michel Delving [34.1S, 75.0W]
The Trollshaws Norien Rivendell [29.7S, 3.7W]
Ettenmoors Thrak Gramsfoot [12.3S, 20.9W]
Ettenmoors Anhebron Glân Vraig [20.9S, 13.6W]


All Festival Deeds are found under Race & Social

  • The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt - Auto bestowed on login when the festival is active and accompanied by an in-game mail from Waldo Rumble asking for help.
  • For completing one Scavenger Hunt Quest for each of the 10 years:
  • For completing all ten years' Scavenger Hunt Travel quests:
  • For completing all ten years' Scavenger Hunt Trifle quests:
  • For completing all ten years' Scavenger Hunt Tales quests:
  • For completing the year eleven quests:

Events / Quests


  • The Anniversary Quests are divided into two groups:
The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt quests (Not repeatable).
These are all begun at the Party Tree in Hobbiton from hanging scrolls.
The normal Anniversary (and Festival) Quests (Repeatable).
  • The quest level scales to your character's level.
  • The experience and monetary rewards scale based on the quest level
  • Some Anniversary Event repeatable quests are repeatable on a periodic basis (they reset at 3am EST).

Anniversary Event Quests

Gift giving

Note: The gift-giving quests reset on Monday and Thursday mornings at 3 am.
Many of the citizens of Eriador are in a gift-giving mood. They request that you deliver a certain item to a person, and in turn, that person asks you to return the favor and give a gift to another person forming a circle of quests that leads you back to the first person. You can pick up the quest at any point and the quests are repeatable every few days.
Quest Quest giver Location Recipient Location
Gifts -- A Delicate Bracelet Roger Hazeltwig Bree [30.2S, 51.2W] Gail Catchpole Combe [28.5S, 49.5W]
Gifts -- Delicious Pastries Gail Catchpole Combe [28.5S, 49.5W] Constable Underhill Combe [28.7S, 49.3W]
Gifts -- Wooden Carving Constable Underhill Combe [28.7S, 49.3W] Esmerelda Burrows Michel Delving [33.4S, 75.3W]
Gifts -- A New Hammer Esmerelda Burrows Michel Delving [33.4S, 75.3W] Dudo Chubb Hobbiton [31.3S, 71.2W]
Gifts -- A Dwarf-shield Dudo Chubb Hobbiton [31.3S, 71.2W] Ormr Frerin's Court [15.1S, 103.1W]
Gifts -- A Lucky Goat's Horn Ormr Frerin's Court [15.1S, 103.1W] Rúnulf Thorin's Hall's Inn [13.8S, 103.2W]
Gifts -- A Pint of Ale Rúnulf Thorin's Hall's Inn [13.8S, 103.2W] Roger Hazeltwig Market Square, Bree [30.2S, 51.2W]

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt quests

  • After completing the final year 10 quest, decode the Paper Sheet 6 (common)-icon.png Scrap Paper to arrive at the location of the final quest giver.
  • The 10th scrap of paper gives you the order in which to arrange the other scraps, '... it seems to be ... 971624835 ...'
  • Arranging the scraps in that orders yields a set of coordinates: [23.8S, 57.5W] to an island in Starmere Lake, whereupon one finds a Standing Stone.
  • The riddle quest: The Standing Stone

Cosmetic Pet Gallery


*Account Status refers to the billing state of the account as of 11:59 PM EST on April 18th, 2018. An account may reflect a billing state of VIP, Premium, Free Player or Suspended Account Status. Rewards will be distributed based on the gift players received the previous year as well as the billing state of the account (VIP, Premium) at the time of account review at 11:59 PM EST on April 18th, 2018. Account must be in good standing to receive rewards. Rewards have no cash value. You may see all of the individual Subscriptions on a single master Account by logging into Standing Stone Games' decisions are final and binding on all matters relating to the Anniversary Rewards Program. Standing Stone Games, LLC, is not responsible for lost, interrupted or unavailable network, server, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or other connections, availability or accessibility or miscommunications or failed computer, satellite, telep hone or cable transmissions, lines, or technical failure or jumbled, scrambled, delayed, or misdirected transmissions or computer hardware or software malfunctions, failures or difficulties, or other errors or difficulties of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographical, printing or otherwise relating to or in connection with the Anniversary Rewards Program, including, without limitation, errors or difficulties which may occur in connection with the upgrade of accounts.
  • The "Department of Strategery" has a good guide to the Scavenger Hunt or as they call it the "Befriend a Hunter Festival".
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