Master of the Shield

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Master of the Shield-icon.png 

Master of the Shield

  • Class
  • Even when using advanced techniques, a skilled Warden never forgets the basics.

    All Shield Mastery skills now provide the benefits of their base Gambit Builders.
  • Way of the Shield
  • Wary Blocks
    Shield Trickery
    Skillful Blocking
    Never Say Die
    Efficient Shieldwork
    Ward of Justice
    Master of the Shield
  • 2 Equipped:
       +[Level x 4] Block Rating
       Access to Shield Masteries
  • 3 Equipped:
       +[Level x 4] Evade Rating
       Defensive Strike, Deft Strike and Goad
       now apply Potency 50% of the time.
       Shield Tactics now potects against
       stun, daze, and knockdown.
  • 4 Equipped:
       Adds 2 Pulses to Heal Over Time Skills
       Access to Fist Masteries
       Deft Strike, Defensive Strike and Goad
       always apply Potency
       +[Level x 8] Critical Defence
       After receiving a critical you are
       immune to critical strikes for a short
       time; you cannot benefit from this
       ability more than once every
       45 seconds
       Adds 2 Pulses to Morale-taps
  • 5 Equipped:
       Access to Spear Masteries

Trait Information