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Weapons are used in melee or ranged combat.

The following is a list of weapons and which class can use them.

Beorning-icon.png Burglar-icon.png Captain-icon.png Champion-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Lore-master-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Rune-keeper-icon.png Warden-icon.png
Beorning Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel Rune-keeper Warden Bonus
Bows-icon.png Bows L:20 L:30 +critical hit chance
Crossbows-icon.png Crossbows L:30 L:7 -chance of attacks blocked
Daggers-icon.png Daggers +critical hit chance
Dual Wielding-icon.png Dual Wielding --
Halberd-icon.png Halberd L:15 +threat
Javelins-icon.png Javelins none
One-handed Axes-icon.png One-handed Axes Dwarf Dwarf chance to lower target's armour
One-handed Clubs-icon.png One-handed Clubs L:25 L:15 chance to slow target's attack speed
One-handed Hammers-icon.png One-handed Hammers L:15 chance to lower target's ability to evade
One-handed Maces-icon.png One-handed Maces L:15 chance of slowing the target's movement speed.
One-handed Swords-icon.png One-handed Swords L:40 +parry chance
Spear-icon.png Spear L:10 L:10 L:10 L:20 chance to add damage over time
Two-handed Axes-icon.png Two-handed Axes L:10 L:10 chance to lower target's armour
Two-handed Clubs-icon.png Two-handed Clubs L:10 chance to slow target's attack speed
Two-handed Hammers-icon.png Two-handed Hammers L:10 L:10 chance to lower target's ability to evade
Two-handed Staves-icon.png Two-handed Staves none
Two-handed Swords-icon.png Two-handed Swords L:10 L:10 +parry chance
• Starting proficiency
• L:? Level at which you can learn weapon proficiency