War-steed Appearance

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War-steed Appearance

Barding is Armour for Horses.
In LOTRO, distinctive Barding is available for your War-steed to allow you to customize its appearance.
Note however, that none of these barding items change any War-steed Stat. War-steed Stats are only modified by points applied to War-steed Traits and Legendary Bridles.
  • Individuals who pre-purchased any edition of the Rohan Expansion received:
The Steed of the Eastemnet -- An exclusive Rohirrim Mount immediately
A matching five-piece War-steed appearance set, the Rohirrim Elite Set received when Riders of Rohan launched, 15 October 2012.
  • Individuals who purchased certain Class Mounts from the LOTRO Store will receive matching War-steed appearance items.
  • Numerous Quests throughout Rohan reward individual cosmetic components.

War-steed cosmetics

  • Once you reach level 75 and enter Rohan, your War-steed has access to general cosmetic appearances, such as hide color, and also various pieces of tack and barding, including Saddles, Bridles, Caparisons, Leggings, etc.
  • See: Lotro_Store#War-steeds for items available for purchase from the LOTRO Store.
Components are available for:
  • Neck and Head -- Halter
  • Saddle
  • Body -- Caparison
  • Tail
  • Leggings
  • Accessory (Flags, etc.)
  • War-steed Colours for components
  • In East and West Rohan one also finds Outfitted War-horse displays. These War-steed appearance sets are available on a PER CHARACTER basis, typically for 995 LOTRO Point .
The bundle includes a halter, caparison, leggings, saddle and accessory. Clicking on the War-horse will open the LOTRO Store to that page, clicking on "more" will open the description of the set, and expose a "Try it on!" button, which will open your Mounted Combat Appearance panel.

War-steed Appearance panel

  • This is a tab on the Mounted Combat panel
  • The War-steed Appearance panel lets you customize your steed's cosmetic equipment as well as the colours applied to that equipment.
  • You can store several different pre-set appearances for your war-steed.

War-steed Appearance Colour Picker

  • The colour pickers on the War-steed Appearance panel allow you to change the colour of your steed's cosmetic equipment.
  • Head, body and legs slots share the same available colours while the hide and tail slots have their own unique colour sets.
  • Additional colours are sold in the LOTRO Store.