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About Me

I started playing lotro June 2007 (just in time for the hightest yearly anniversary gifts to apply so for example this year (2015) I got the 8 year giftbox, which is nice). Have been playing ever since with a few small breaks here and there (the longest lasted 2 months). I have a life-time VIP account.

  • Main character: Déorwyn, Rank 12 lvl105 Captain of Rohan
  • Preferred playstyle: I like instanced content as well as solo questing. I occasionally do PvMP (used to a lot more but after reaching rank 12 I lost my motivation). My kin enjoys raiding and has been quite successful.
  • Server: Morthond (DE) -> Gwaihir (DE) -- after server transfers
  • Kinship: De Leude von de Boose
  • Favorite region so far: Western Gondor
  • Currently looking forward to: Ithilien
  • Forums account: [1]
B LotROwiki Bureaucrat since:

June 27, 2014.

To Do list

How to read:

There are five different states for items on this to do list:

  1. ON HALT = Will be done eventually... but not in the near future
  2. PLANNED = I will get to it, but not right now.
  3. SOON = This will be started in the near future.
  4. WORK IN PROGRESS = I am working on this right now!
  5. DONE! = I finished this task and am now eating cookies.

Epic Story

  • Add Book 7 of Volume IV once it is available

PVMP related

  • Keep the vendors in Glân Vraig updated once new items are introduced there - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Add missing content in the Sundering of Osgiliath- PLANNED

Throne of the Dread Terror

  • Add raid rewards - DONE
  • Add raid bosses & trash mobs - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Add strategies - PLANNED

Pelennor Instances

  • Add instance rewards - DONE
  • Add bosses & trash mobs - PLANNED
  • Write strategy guides - PLANNED

Gondor Regions

  • Add missing content in the regions of Gondor(quests, deeds, locations, images, mobs, npcs...) - WORK IN PROGRESS

Anti-spam watch duty

  • pretty much explains itself - WORK IN PROGRESS


Info and Work in Progress pages