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About Me

This user is a grammar Nazi.
U LotRO-wiki User since:

November 7, 2016.

N LotRO-wiki Ninja since:

November 17, 2016.

Unbalanced scales.png This user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.

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~~~~ Technical 13 signs their posts and thinks you should too!

  • Ello y'all!!  I'm a player from Maine, USA.
  • I've taken it upon myself to thank Turbine and give back to the community of LotRO players by contributing some my time to revising, modifying, updating, verifying, wikifying, and adding to the 138,960 pages including 76,618 articles and 38,311 files that are on this wiki.
  • My favorite LotROstream highlight: TBD
  • I'm also the/an editor/maintainer of (So, feel free to send me messages if you see something incorrect/missing):
  • I'm proud to have made my way here and earned a spot as one of:
  • This was not an easy task being one of 70 active editors out of 8,993 total users.
  • My edits by year are:
    • 2016 = 2,065 Edits... (1,697 bot)
      • Estimated to reach 2,385 by the end of the year.
        • Based on an average of 198.8 per month.
        • Based on an average of 45.87 per week.
        • Based on an average of 6.535 per day.
        • Based on an average of 0.272 per hour.

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From my visit to Turbine

From my visit to Turbine in June 2015.