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Hi there! I'm Seth (although my name in the real world is actually Dan) from the New York City area, USA. I've been playing LotRO since late September of 2010 and found my way to this wiki not long after. Welcome to my page, where you can read a bit about me and what I'm working on here.


I've been fortunate to be involved in most of the wiki-wide discussions since joining in 2010, and you can find my fingerprints all across the site. My primary interest remains with templates and the more nuts-and-bolts coding, though, so that's where most of my energy has been directed. I've lately had less time and inclination for wading into deep policy discussions or major editing projects, so you may find me dabbling here and there as the whim strikes me.

I'm still always available for a quick advice question or "how do I...?" - feel free to talk me up or shoot me an email. :)

Editing Center

Routine Housekeeping (Refresh)
Current Areas of Development
Working on categorization, updating, and documentation across the whole lot of 'em.
/Template Notes
Starting with skills, hopefully updating everything with Update 12 info.
Side Projects
Also see my /Brainstorming page for additional projects, plans, and thoughts


As mentioned, I live just outside of New York City. It's a very exciting place to be, although I do frequently get curious about other metro areas in the country and abroad. I'm a student of computer science at a local technical university, although getting quite impatient to be finished with school. My interests lie (predictably) in game development, but I - thanks to a background in psychology - get really excited about any sort of platform that connects people together. Languages and linguistics are another passion of mine, so I could definitely see myself going to work for someone like Rosetta Stone, Livemocha, or Duolingo.

Aside from computer stuff, I enjoy ice skating, gymnastics, and martial arts; crocheting, reading fantasy, and writing on occasion; and trying new recipes and going on miniature adventures. During the warmer months, you'll see me riding my bike all over town, and one of these days I'll get back into practice with piano and guitar again.

In the meantime... Ooh! Another quest ring! Bye! :)

(Oh, also: Working on a Lua plugin. Slow going, but it's fun getting stuff working bit by bit.)


I am, unsurprisingly, an unadulterated completionist and perfectionist, and that strongly colors how I play the game. I mentioned a plugin above - the main point of starting that was because I needed some way to organize what my characters were doing and which jobs they needed to complete next!

I play almost exclusively on Gilrain, alongside Ravanel, Fingolwë and EoD - among others - from the wiki. My poor lonely Hunter on Arkenstone is sort of just hanging out, waiting on the possibility that Turbine will resolve their data issues and offer NA->EU server transfers. (I once asked them about it on Twitter and the response was that it's a major technical hurdle and no ETA.)

My characters are listed below; you'll notice a pattern in the naming, heh, along with one oddball (poor Saladain, heh - that name is a holdover from my time on EverQuest). I'm working towards self-sufficiency in crafting, with the goal of having at least one character guilded in each craft, and one character of each class.

I do play solo most of the time, but as my Ministral has risen in level, I've been getting more and more requests to join friends or kins. Not to mention hearing stories of raids and end-game content does eventually pique one's interest in taking down the big bad uglies. We shall see.


Playing Characters
Server Name Class Level Craft
Arkenstone Sethladan Hunter 65 Woodworker
Gilrain Mariseth Minstrel 95 Tailor
Sethladan Warden 40s Woodworker
Sethingy Captain 20s Metalsmith
Sethorian Lore-master 10s Scholar
Sethringor Champion 10s Weaponsmith
Saladain Rune-keeper 10s Jeweller
Maihtes Guardian 10s None
Thensadal Burglar <10 None
Testing Characters
Elegmor / 1 / M
Hendagmorn / 6 / M
Thongelbant / 1 / M
Daeralund / 6 / M
Lynni / 1 / M
Evdig / 6 / M
Ulelthil / 1 / M
Carnethnuir / 6 / M
Bucther / 1 / M
Cudhalnel / 6 / M
Decborn / 1 / M
Celbollind / 5 / M
Faingold / 1 / M
Olanuir / 5 / M
Havrarfred / 1 / D
Dadhrallaith / 6 / E
Esbirlard / 1 / H
Rinoslas / 5 / H

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