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Hi, I'm Neum. My main focus on this wiki is primarily images and icons, but I get around to everything eventually.

Current focus: Templates (User Talk:Neum#So_many_templates and User:Neum/Sandbox3)

My User pages

Things to do

Main characters


Name Race Class Level Guild
Camphor Elf-sire Hunter 100 Woodworker
Elisapee Elf-maiden Warden 91 Scholar
Eponym Woman Lore-master 30 Cook
Hono Hobbit-lad Burglar 73 Metalsmith
Lazuli Hobbit-lass Minstrel 81 Jeweller
Vitsippa Elf-maiden Rune-keeper 100 Tailor
Zarek Man Captain 72 Weaponsmith


Name Race Class Level Guild
Fengbuck Man Lore-master 43
Dragonetti Man Captain 48