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Mírfain Gwanunig
Sons of Gondor
World: Elendilmir
Vocation: Tinker
Class: Hunter
Race: Elf
Region: Lindon
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0"
Sex: Female
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Eye: Blue


Physical Description:

Personality Description:


Mirfain Gwanuig is the twin sister of Beleg Cúthalion and the White Jewel of Doriath. When it comes to her skills in bow-craft, she is her brother's equal. She was in charge of looking after the people of Haleth in the Forest of Brethil. A job she took great delight in. The race of Man fascinated her and she was glad to be counted among their friends. After the death of her brother at the hands of a man he loved and protected, Túrin Turambar, her attitude towards Man changed. She was heart broken and left Doriath to make a new home at the Havens of the Falas. There she befriended Círdan the Ship-Wright. After the sinking of Beleriand she helped found Lindon with Círdan, Gil-Galad [the last High King of the Noldor], and Elrond the Half-Elven. Since then she has used her skills to aid countless battles and has witnessed many important historical events; the most notable being the foretelling of the Witch King's fate by Glorfindel. After the Second Age, when Middle-Earth came into the false peace of the Third Age, Mirfain traveled far and wide. Her task was to provide her kindred with a safe path in which to travel to the Grey Havens. Frequently she visits Lothlorien and is always a welcomed guest in the City of the Lord and Lady, with whom she had known from her days in Doriath. She has talked at length with Galadriel regarding Valinor and the trip over the Sea into the West; but it is not Mirfain's destiny. She has lived her life in Middle-Earth and cares deeply for it's inhabitants, less for the Men, but especially the Halflings. One in particular, Mirabelle Banks: renowned burglar and mistress of mischief, is closest to her heart. Together the protect the land of the Shire as well as the Elven road to Lindon. No adventure is too big and Mirabelle is always at Mirfain's side. Galadriel has foretold that the death of Mirabelle will also be the death of Mirfain.

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  • Bree-Land: Walnut
  • Lithe Festival: Dusty
  • Grey: Tucker


  • Brother: Beleg Cúthalion [deceased]



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