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Type: Crafting Instance
Region: Moria
Area: Redhorn Lodes
Location: [13.1S, 105.7W]
The entrance of Tumun-ghâr


Tumun-ghâr is a crafting instance and Public Dungeon with three quests which reward you with cash, Reputation, Experience points, Legendary Item Experience points, and Iron Garrison Resource Tokens. The instance contains numerous mineral deposits which can be harvested by a Supreme Prospector. There seem to be about 20 chunks each of Chunk of Khazâd-copper Ore-icon.png Chunk of Khazâd-copper Ore and rarely a few chunks of Chunk of Khazâd-gold Ore-icon.png Chunk of Khazâd-gold Ore.

The three quests are repeatable every 18 (or so) hours, however, according to a Senior Game Master, the resource nodes are on a three day respawn timer.


Tumun-ghâr is located at Gharâf-fehem in The Redhorn Lodes. [13.1S, 105.7W]

Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include:

  • None

Related quests that involve this area:


Each time the instance is created, it will be populated with either Cave-claw type mobs, Grodbog type mobs or Goblin (and bat) type mobs.

The following creatures are found within this instance:

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