Trum Dreng

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Area.png Trum Dreng
Region: Dunland
Landmark(s): Dire Hollow
The Herd-lands
The North Pass
The Watch-tower
The White Hand Outpost
Settlement(s): Lhan Tarren


Trum Dreng is located in the north-west corner of Dunland. This is the first area you will encounter if you are traveling south from the Mournshaws to meet up with Ranger Braigiar just inside its border at Dúvispont [73.7S, 22.1W] in the Mournshaws, the North Pass entrance into Trum Dreng. Later he will meet with you near the stable master for the village of Lhan Tarren.

After completing quests in Trum Dreng, you can proceed to the Bonevales and complete quests there or head to Galtrev and meet with Halbarad


Other services are located in the Stag-clan village of Lhan Tarren.

Quest Involvement

See the Quests in Trum Dreng deed and the Dunland: Trum Dreng Quests category.
Dunland Quests: A list of all Dunland quests in play-through order.

Related quests that start or are found in this area include:

  1. [66] The Stag-clan of Trum Dreng
  2. [66] Counting the Antlers
  3. [66] A Summons by Craban
  4. [65] The Feast of the Running Stag
  5. [66] What of the Herd-lands
  6. [66] Twice-stolen Stores
  7. [66] Plunderers' Plunder - starter: (mob drop) Dagger looted from Dragon-clan raider)
  8. [66] What of the Farmer?
  9. [66] A Doe in a Dragon's Nest
  10. [66] An Invasion is Brewing
  11. [66] A Widow's Last Hope
  12. [66] Take Back the Watchtower
  13. [66] Down from the Tower
  14. [66] Guto's Own Investigation
  15. [66] The Source of the Dragons
  16. [66] Righting the Wrongs of Trum Dreng
  17. [66] Let Us Follow Them

Related quests which end here:

Volume 3, Book 4:



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