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Trolls, the great, lumbering, man-like beasts of Middle-earth, are Elite and are always aggressive. They are weak to Fire and Light damage and to Songs, and are resistant to Common damage.



Trolls have existed in Middle-earth for as long as even the most ancient and powerful Elf-lords can remember. Creatures of the most corrupted evil, trolls are as dim-witted as they are strong. Despite their size, strength, and power, however most trolls do have a weakness: sunlight.

Trolls were first bred by the Dark Lord Morgoth in the First Age. How this was done is unclear. They may have been corrupted from an existing species of great size and strength, such as the Giants, corrupted Ents, or a similar race now lost to history. Alternately, Trolls may simply be counterfeits crafted out of stone and imbued with life by dark spirits.

Trolls are said to have been made in mockery of the Ents. Rather than a creature of nature and plant-matter, trolls are formed from the element of stone. Exposure to the light of the sun will return most trolls to the substance of their being, reducing them to mere inanimate statues.

"Quite the opposite of goblins, most trolls have little cunning or intelligence of any kind. They are, however, almost mindlessly brave, crushing anything in their path with abandon. Only if they are badly injured are they likely to rebel -- though the sight of a Cave-troll running amok through its goblin handlers is enough to bring a chuckle to even the most hardened of veterans." - Enmity of the Trolls II

Types of trolls include:

  • CaveTroll.png Cave-trolls -- Subterranean trolls native to the deep places of the world, such as the mines of Moria.
  • CaveTroll.png Hill-trolls -- Trolls native to hilly regions and moorlands.
  • MoriaTroll.png Moria trolls -- Trolls native to the depths of Khazad-dum.
  • CaveTroll.png Mountain-trolls -- Trolls native to the mountain ranges of Middle-earth.
  • CaveTroll.png Snow-trolls -- Pale, white-skinned trolls native to frigid climates such as the Misty Mountains.
  • StoneTroll.png Stone-trolls -- The most common variety, so-named for the substance they return to in death. Usually found in the Trollshaws.
  • WoodTroll.png Wood-trolls -- Trolls with bark-like skin and leafy growths; the breed closest to Ents in appearance.
  • Etten.png Ettens -- Two-headed trolls native to the Ettenmoors.
  • Gorthorog.png Gertheryg -- A race of enormous trolls from the early First Age, more intelligent than their later descendants.
  • TrollBoss.png Olog-hai -- Super-soldier trolls bred for the War of the Ring. They are taller, stronger, and more intelligent than other trolls and resistant to the light of the sun.
  • Half-trolls -- A hybrid race that blends the traits of Trolls and Men. Servants of the Haradrim.

Signature (specific troll bosses)

Other troll-like beasts:

  • Kergrim.png Kergrim -- A race of troll-like, green-skinned scavengers. May possibly have kinship with Troll-kind.
  • Snowbeast.png Snow-beasts and Hill-beasts -- Hairy, ape-like creatures of the highlands. Called "Peikko" (a word for troll) by the Lossoth.


Like many of J.R.R. Tolkien's creatures, Trolls are derived from Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythology. "Troll" was originally a negative synonym used for the Jotunn, a race of giants and monsters. In later Scandinavian folklore, trolls became a separate creature.