The Martial Champion

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The Martial Champion is a Champion class trait specialization.

A warrior line, forgoing the shield for better weapons. Managing Fervour, health, and power makes this Tank unstoppable.


Inherent tree properties

These are gained automatically when specializing in this trait tree:

On Any Damage: 10% chance to
Receive Effect:
Adds 1 Fervour Pip
Reflect 10% of damage
Reflect effect:
Increased Threat
Passively gains +20% Morale


Ability Category Tier Recovery Time Range Description
Sudden Defence-icon.png Sudden Defence Buff auto 3m n/a Removes all Fervour to apply a damage-preventing bubble.
Second Wind-icon.png Second Wind Buff Tier 1 10s n/a Increases Power on defeat response.
Horn of Champions-icon.png Horn of Champions Buff Tier 2 30s 30m Reduces enemy damage.
Riposte-icon.png Riposte Harmful Tier 3 2s n/a Powerful attack that cannot be warded off. Requires a Parry event.
Dire Need-icon.png Dire Need Heal Tier 4 10m n/a Transfers 50% Power into twice as much Morale.
Unbreakable-icon.png Unbreakable Buff, PBAoE Tier 7 30s/2m 5m A stacking defense buff that can mature to a PBAoE.


Tier Name Description Prerequisites Ranks
1 Second Wind grants the skill Second Wind 1
1 Tactical Mitigation Increase +1% to Tactical Mitigation 5
Tier 1 power :

2 Horn of Champions grants the skill Horn of Champions 1
2 Deafening Horn +20% Horn of Champions damage per rank Horn of Champions 2
2 Vitality Increase +X vitality per rank 5
Tier 2 power :

3 Vigour of Champions +5% Second Wind power restore per rank Second Wind 5
3 Aggressive Exchange 1: Blade Wall reduces enemy damage for a short while
2-5: -2% additional debuff per rank
3 Riposte grants the skill Riposte 1
Tier 3 power :

4 Placed Strike +15% Riposte damage per rank Riposte 4
4 Dire Need grants the skill Dire Need 1
Tier 4 power :

5 Critical Defence Increase +X Critical Defence per rank 5
5 Unstable 1: 10% chance per critical hitting you of dealing bonus damage
2: +15% to bonus damage
3-5: +5% per rank
Critical Defence Increase (5) 5

Tier 5 power :

6 Fight Through The Pain on being critically hit, +2% per rank to parry chance Critical Defence Increase (5) 5
6 Improved Dire Need +20% to Dire Need heal per rank Dire Need 5
Tier 6 power :

7 Unbreakable (Trait) grants the skill Unbreakable 1
Tier 7 power :

Legendary Trait

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Invincible-icon.png Invincible Adamant becomes Invincible and Decreases Incoming Physical Damage by 8% and Incoming Tactical Damage by 4% for every point of fervour consumed.
Requires: 5 traits in The Martial Champion line slotted.
58 Complete the deed The Path of the Martial Champion