The Keeper of Animals

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The Keeper of Animals is a Lore-master class trait set introduced with the Mines of Moria patch. Lore-masters are a friend of most of the natural creatures of the wild. They preserve the natural balance of the world, knowing that they are part of nature, and that man and nature must coexist; but sometimes when that balance becomes disturbed, Lore-masters will need to call upon the aid of creatures of the wild and nature to right it.

The bonuses of the Keeper of Animals set focus on enhancing the capacity of animal buffs and their magnitude. Chances are if a Lore-master is going to focus on their relationship with their animal companion, they are familiar with their abilities to buff and enhance their pet’s performance in all situations. The set bonuses also buff healing and protection of the Lore-master's allies.

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The traits that are in this set are largely familiar to the Lore-master, as the focus of this set is to increase the fortitude of your animal companion, increase your healing of yourself and your allies, and give your companion bonuses in combat to drive off the Shadow that is creeping over Middle-earth.

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Dúnadan-learning-icon.png Dúnadan-learning You are well versed in the knowledge of the Dúnedain and their signs, allowing you to increase their duration and effectiveness. This includes: Sign of Power: Righteousness and Sign of Power: Vigilance.
Sign of Power: Righteousness: -2s cooldown +30s duration
Sign of Power: Vigilance +2 stealth detection +240s duration
20 Use Signs of Power or Battle 1,000 times (100/day)
Master of Beasts-icon.png Master of Beasts Your knowledge of the Signs of the Wild gives you greater control over them, increasing their effectiveness as well as allowing both Signs at the same time. This also enables these signs to remove poison, fear, wound, and disease effects from your companion.
Sign of the Wild: Protection: -5% Incoming Damage
Sign of the Wild: Rage: +5% Damage
Signs of the Wild: No longer mutually exclusive & Cure Poison, Fear, Wound, Disease debuffs from Companions
6 Use Sign of Protection 500 times (175/day)
Improved Flanking-icon.png Improved Flanking Working in tandem with your Companion, when you use your Sign of Battle on a Flanked target you are able to share your healing with the target of your Air-lore.
Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire: On Flanked, heals your Air-lore target
8 Use Sign of the Wild: Rage 300 times (60/day)
Labelled as Beast-lore in the Deed Log
Hardy Companion-icon.png Hardy Companion The Power of your Companions is increased.
Your companions have the following bonuses: +1 Level, +5% Morale, +5% Power, +2% Attack Speed, +2% Outgoing Damage, +1% Critical Chance, +2% Block Chance, +2% Parry Chance, +2% Evade Chance, +1 Stealth, +1 Stealth Detection
15 Complete the class quest A Well-ordered Mind
Light of Hope-icon.png Light of Hope Beacon of Hope has a lower Morale cost, recovers faster and has a shorter cast time.
-40% Beacon of Hope Morale Cost
-10s Beacon of Hope Cooldown
-1s Beacon of Hope Induction
8 Use Beacon of Hope 600 times (120/day)
Healer-icon.png Healer You gain a number of bonuses to your healing and restorative skills.
-15% Healing, Cure, and Power Restoration Skills Power Costs
-50% Healing Skills Induction
+10% Healing
10 Heal your fellows with Knowledge of Cures 250 times (40/day)
Proof against All Ills-icon.png Proof against All Ills Your Knowledge of Cures works on all fellowship members within an area-of-effect. 30 Use Knowledge of Cures 300 times (30/day)
Improved Inner Flame-icon.png Improved Inner Flame Inner Flame now affects nearby fellows, but no longer transfers threat.
Affects nearby Fellows
No longer transfers Threat
20 Use Inner Flame 150 times (15/day)

Legendary Trait

Equipping this legendary trait enables the Lore-master to summon a Bog-guardian pet that can attack at range, fulfilling an unique ranged pet role.

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Nature-friend-icon.png Nature-friend You are a friend of the Nature Dwellers and may summon one to aid you.
Skills Earned:
Friend of Nature
Combat Summoning

Requires: 5 traits in The Keeper of Animals line slotted.
58 Get the book The Book of Nature
Requires: Kindred Standing with Iron Garrison Guards