The Keen Blade Set Bonuses

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Specialization in this trait tree provides an unnamed Inherent Buff which provides the following effects: "Your critical hits will apply a bleed to your enemies. This effect may stack up to five times."

Set Traits Description Source
Overpower-icon.png Overpower Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Reactive Parry-icon.png Reactive Parry Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Protection by the Sword (Trait)-icon.png Protection by the Sword Gain skill Protection by the Sword Set: 15+ total ranks
Bleed Them Dry (Trait)-icon.png Bleed Them Dry Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Brutal Charge (Trait)-icon.png Brutal Charge Skill Charge becomes skill Brutal Charge Set: 25+ total ranks
Heavy Blows-icon.png Heavy Blows Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Prey on the Weak-icon.png Prey on the Weak Buff + Self-heal Set: 35+ total ranks