Court of the Fount

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Court of the Fount
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Havens of Belfalas
Location: [74.9S, 71.3W]
Court of the Fount.jpg


The Court of the Fount is a landmark within Dol Amroth in Western Gondor. [74.9S, 71.3W]


This is the great market court of the city of Dol Amroth, where traders from all the surrounding lands offer their wares. In the center of the court stands a great swan-fountain.



NPCs & Services


City Watch faction quest givers:

NPC Faction Coords
Beriaudur City Watch quest giver [75.2S, 71.4W] - Next to small the fountain
Glíreth Armoury [75.2S, 71.3W] - Next to the small fountain
Elaglar Bank [75.2S, 71.2W] - On the stairs
Turchail Docks [75.3S, 71.3W] - Next to the Library of Saphadzîr
Dimlas Great Hall [75.3S, 71.3W] - Next to the Library of Saphadzîr
Tolrían Library [75.1S, 71.2W] - Next to the small fountain
Gelloth Mason [75.3S, 71.2W] - Next to the Library of Saphadzîr
Lhossil Mason [75.2S, 71.2W] - Next to the Library of Saphadzîr
Golusel Swan-knights [75.2S, 71.5W] - Across from the Library of Saphadzîr
Avordur Swan-knights [75.2S, 71.5W] - Across from the Library of Saphadzîr
Rodwen Warehouse [75.2S, 71.3W] - Next to the small fountain

Quartermasters (Barter) NPCs

NPC Barters Coords
Quartermaster: Dol Amroth Dol Amroth faction items [74.9S, 71.4W]
Quartermaster: Housing Decorations Housing items [74.8S, 71.4W]
Quartermaster: Pets Cosmectic Swan Pets [75.1S, 71.3W]
Quartermaster: Relics Relics and LIXP runes [75.1S, 71.2W]
Quartermaster: Beorning Armour Armour of Nature's Guard [75.0S, 71.3W]
Calennen: Burglar Armour Armour of the Seafarer [74.9S, 71.4W]
Gilbeth: Captain Armour Armour of the Watchman [74.7S, 71.4W]
Beriadir: Champion Armour Armour of the Sea Reaver [75.0S, 71.3W]
Uronnen: Guardian Armour Armour of the Coastal Bulwark [74.7S, 71.3W]
Thindaith: Hunter Armour Armour of the Liberator [74.9S, 71.3W]
Brandarth: Lore-master Armour Armour of the Night Watcher [74.7S, 71.2W]
Glírdor: Minstrel Armour Armour of the Storied Mariner [74.9S, 71.2W]
Ecthel: Rune-keeper Armour Armour of the Archivist [74.8S, 71.2W]
Osbenn: Warden Armour Armour of the Beacon [75.0S, 71.1W]
Quartermaster: Essences Essences [74.9S, 71.1W]
Quartermaster: Light Armour Light Essence Armour [74.7S, 71.3W]
Quartermaster: Medium Armour Medium Essence Armour [75.0S, 71.2W]
Quartermaster: Heavy Armour Heavy Essence Armour [75.0S, 71.3W]
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