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The following is a list of items (the task is the name of the item) that can be turned in at Tasks Bulletin Boards. The list defaults to alphabetical order, but you may sort by name or level range.

See also the sortable list on the Tasks Bulletin Board page, which lists each location separately.

Task Level range Locations
Albino Fur 46-51 Forochel, Eregion
Albino Skin 46-53 Forochel, Angmar, Eregion
Armoured Carapaces 47-52 Forochel, Eregion
Bent Claws 06-14 Hobbiton
Black Heartwood 30-34 Agamaur (The Lone-lands)
Blackened Carapaces 18-22 Bree
Blackened Feathers 22-26 Trestlebridge (The North Downs)
Blackened Filth 14-18 Bree
Blackened Fur 16-24 Bree, The Forsaken Inn (The Lone Lands), Trestlebridge
Blackened Skin 17-25 Bree, The North Downs, The Forsaken Inn
Blackened Sword Sheaths 17-26 Bree, The North Downs, The Forsaken Inn, Forochel
Bright Dust 43-47 Kauppa-kohta (Forochel)
Broken Daggers 10-15 Gondamon, Hobbiton
Broken Great Swords 41-48 The Misty Mountains, Forochel, Angmar, The Trollshaws
Broken Halberds 38-45 Angmar, Misty Mountains, Evendim, The Trollshaws
Broken Hatchets 14-18 Bree
Broken Long Bows 49-53 Eregion
Broken Longswords 33-38 Evendim
Broken Short Bows 28-35 Evendim, The Trollshaws, The North Downs, The Lone-lands
Broken Sword Sheaths 11-15 Hobbiton, Gondamon
Broken Wood Spears 23-30 The North Downs, Evendim
Broken Wooden Clubs 46-51 Forochel, Angmar, Eregion
Broken Wooden Maces 16-25 Bree, The Forsaken Inn
Broken Wooden Spears 23-27 Trestlebridge
Bulbous Goo 20-24 Bree
Bumpy Scales 29-33 Esteldín (The North Downs)
Clean Tails 45-49 Forochel, Angmar
Coarse Fur 22-30 Evendim, The North Downs, The Lone-lands
Coarse Skin 23-31 The Lone-lands, Evendim, The North Downs
Cracked Beaks 21-25 The Lone-lands, The North Downs
Crooked Branches 29-33 Agamaur (The Lone-lands)
Decrepit Finger Bones 29-33 Agamaur (The Lone-lands)
Dim Dust 25-29 Amon Raith (The North Downs)
Dirty Ears 06-16 Hobbiton
Dirty Filth 08-16 Hobbiton, Gondamon
Dirty Wings 08-14 Hobbiton, Gondamon
Dull Beaks 08-12 Gondamon
Dusky Ears 20-26 Bree, The North Downs
Dusky Wings 18-24 Bree, The Forsaken Inn, Trestlebridge
Elder Finger-bones 37-41 Thorenhad (Trollshaws)
Enlarged Carapaces 41-45 Tyrn Lhuig (Angmar)
Extremely Sharp Beaks 40-44 Gloin's Camp (Misty Mountains)
Extremely Sharp Claws 36-40 Thorenhad, Tinnudir
Fine Feathers 35-39 Thorenhad
Fine Fur 33-37 Thorenhad, Ost Forod
Fine Skin 34-39 Thorenhad, Ost Forod
Flawed Ears 24-31 Evendim, The North Downs, The Lone-lands
Flawed Goo 25-31 The Lone-lands, The North Downs, Evendim
Gilded Sword Sheaths 41-48 Angmar, Forochel, The Misty Mountains, The Trollshaws
Glistening Essence 20-24 Bree
Glistening Filth 19-23 Bree
Glossy Essences 27-31 Ost Guruth, Amon Raith
Gnarled Branches 39-43 Thorenhad
Great Ears 45-49 Hrimbarg
Great Filth 42-49 Kauppa-kohta, Gabilshathûr
Great Membranes 46-50 Gabilshathûr
Great Scales 44-49 Zigilgund
Grey Ears 35-39 Thorenhad
Grey Goo 35-39 Echad Candelleth
Grey Heartwood 35-39 Thorenhad
Hardened Carapaces 35-39 Echad Candelleth
Heavy Carapaces 28-37 Agamaur, Evendim
Heavy Sword Sheaths 30-36 Evendim, Barachen's Camp, Esteldín, Agamaur
Huge Ears 41-45 Gloin's Camp, Aughaire
Huge Filth 37-45 Thorenhad, Aughaire, Echad Candelleth, Tyrn Lhuig
Huge Goo 41-45 Echad Candelleth, Aughaire
Huge Heartwood 39-44 Thorenhad, Gloin's Camp
Huge Scales 41-45 Echad Candelleth, Gloin's Camp
Huge Wings 39-43 Gloin's Camp
Jagged Beaks 23-32 The Forsaken Inn, Esteldín, Othrikar
Jagged Claws 18-22 Bree
Jellied Goo 30-34 Oatbarton
Jewelled Sword Sheaths 47-53 Echad Dúnann, Echad Mirobel, Gath Forthnír
Knotted Branches 35-39 Thorenhad
Large Filth 22-30 The Lone-lands, The North Downs, Oatbarton
Large Finger Bones 27-31 Ost Guruth
Large Wings 22-30 The Forsaken Inn, The North Downs
Leathery Fur 28-37 Esteldín, Tinnudir, Barachen's Camp
Lethal Sharp Claws 38-45 Echad Candelleth, Tyrn Lhuig, Aughaire
Light Carapaces 09-15 Gondamon, Hobbiton
Matted Feathers 09-14 Gondamon, Hobbiton
Matted Furs 08-13 Gondamon, Hobbiton
Matted Skin 09-14 Gondamon, Hobbiton
Monstrous Ears 48-52 Echad Dúnann
Monstrous Filth 46-51 Gwingris, Gath Forthnír
Monstrous Goo 47-51 Gwingris
Monstrous Heartwood 47-51 Gwingris
Monstrous Wings 47-52 Gwingris, Gath Forthnír, Echad Dúnann
Monstruous Ears 46-50 Sûri-kylä
Mossy Carapaces 15-19 Bree
Muted Dust 34-38 Tinnudir
New Sword Sheaths 35-39 Ost Forod
Pitted Finger Bones 19-23 Bree
Polished Wings 49-53 Echad Mirobel
Powerful Branches 46-50 Gwingris
Pure Black Fur 42-48 Angmar, Forochel, Misty Mountains
Pure Black Skin 41-50 Hrimbarg, Forochel, Angmar
Razor Sharp Claws 45-49 Gabilshathûr
Ridged Finger-bones 35-39 Thorenhad
Ruffled Feathers 25-32 Ost Guruth, Esteldín, Othrikar
Scarred Ears 28-36 Esteldín, Tinnudir, Barachen's Camp
Scarred Heartwood 26-32 Lin Giliath, Agamaur
Scarred Tails 30-34 Esteldín
Sharp Claws 24-28 Lin Giliath
Shimmering Essences 30-34 Agamaur, Tinnudir
Silky Filth 29-37 Tinnudir, Echad Candelleth
Sleek Fur 37-43 Gloin's Camp, Aughaire
Sleek Skin 38-42 Gloin's Camp, Echad Candelleth, Aughaire
Smooth Scales 35-39 Thorenhad
Smooth Wings 33-37 Thorenhad
Soft Skin 29-38 Esteldín, Barachen's Camp, Tinnudir, Oatbarton
Squishy Goo 12-16 Hobbiton, Gondamon
Sticky Filth 29-37 Esteldín, Tinnudir
Studded Sword Sheaths 38-44 Echad Garthadir, Gloin's Camp, Aughaire
Tough Branches 28-32 Agamaur
Tough Carapaces 23-30 The Lone-lands, The North Downs, Evendim
Tough Sword Sheaths 23-31 The Lone-lands, The North Downs, Evendim
Toughened Carapaces 37-44 Gloin's Camp, Aughaire
Very Sharp Beaks 34-38 Thorenhad
Very Sharp Claws 28-34 Oatbarton, Barachen's Camp
Wet Fur 14-18 Bree
Wet Skin 15-19 Bree
Worn Sword Sheath 15-19 Bree