Survivors of Wildermore

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The Survivors of Wildermore is a reputation faction with the Rohirrim of Wildermore.

Location and Dramatis personæ

Hunman barters for this faction. He is found in Forlaw [39.3S, 60.7W].
  • The various quest givers listed below are only activated after the Introductory quest, [85] Wildermore's Recovery, is active.

Gaining Reputation

Introductory Quest

  • Access to all the quests which allow you to gain reputation with this faction is unlocked after you complete the quest: [85] Final Stand.
That quest requires you to have previously completed ALL the quests in the 5 regions of Wildermore!
Then, much as with Hytbold you can complete a total of 5 quests per day, each earning 500 reputation points, and awarding 5Gold Token of Wildermore-icon.png Gold Token of Wildermore which can be bartered with Hunman for items.
  • [85] Wildermore's Recovery - This is the wrapper quest allowing 5 dailies; selectable available from each quest giver listed below.
  • As with rebuilding Hytbolt, each quest givers offers one to three quests, randomly selected from their list of quests, repeatable each day.
The selection of quests is random, there is no "round-robin" type control.


After completing Final Stand in Lornsettle, one moves back to the town square of Forlaw, where, sitting on the steps of the Tavern one encounters Cole, who gives you the quest Wildermore's Recovery which allows you to accept 5 quests (Daily) to earn reputation with this faction from the following NPCs in Forlaw:
  • Britric (Bounty Listings) - 1 per day - 8 different
  • Dudoc (Mounted Combat Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 7 different
  • Ealswith (Regional Listings) - 2 per day - 10 different
  • Gyric (Battle and Event Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 5 different
  • Manni (Warband Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 13 different
  • Hildelith (Crafting Requests) - 3 per day - 20 different -- Her three quests are based on the three Professions of your Crafting Vocation AT OR ABOVE Eastemnet (T8) level proficiency.
  • It appears that all the quests are on a one-hour cooldown, but they cannot be accessed again unless you refresh the overall quest with Cole, who is on a 15 hour cooldown.


Bounty Listings


Mounted Combat Listings


Regional Listings


Battle and Event Listings
* [85] Scylfig: Target-shooting
* [85] Whitshaws: Mounted-fishing
* [85] Whitshaws: Yst-arning
* [85] Whitshaws: Jousting with Rohirrim
* [85] Scylfig: A Celebration Feast


Crafting Requests


Warband Listing


No Deeds grant reputation with this faction.


No Mob kills grant reputation with this faction.


No tasks grant reputation with this faction.

Reputation Items

No "clickable" items may be gathered to grant reputation with this faction.

Reputation Rewards

Access to many Barter Items are controlled by reputation level. See the barter: Hunman
Standard reputation point levels apply. 85,000 total rep points needed for Kindred; 170 quests @ 500 per quest;





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