Spring Festival 2008

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Patch of Flowers.jpg
Love is in the air
Spring must be here!
Secret admirers in our mailboxes
Gifts waiting to be opened
Kegs of brandy for all to share
In our homes or our Kin Halls
Time for a break from long battles
Enjoy the Spring Festival!

The Free Peoples of Middle-earth have been eagerly awaiting Spring’s balmy kiss, and at last it has arrived! It's time for the first annual Spring Festival starting March 7th.

There's plenty to do this time around so no worries about finding something to do this spring! There's the usual festivities being held at the fairgrounds around Middle-earth, along with more exciting new quests.

Love is in bloom! Head to Bree to help with affairs of the heart.

Get into the spirits! The Tavern League is back for another round with new shenanigans.

Send a note of affection to that special someone… or maybe even catch the attention of a secret admirer!

Pick some flowers for the festivities! Heroes picking flowers? Well yes, someone has to do it!

Picking Flowers

One of the more predominant activities this Spring Festival was to run around picking flowers. If you take the time to do so then you will be rewarded with different colored gift boxes. Inside those boxes are special items!

Flowers and Locations:

Marigolds from the stone circle north of Michel Delving.

Violets from the stone circle outside Bree's West gate.

Primrose flowers from above Celondim.



The Hedge Maze

Automatic Quest Bestowal

Bree - Market Square

  1. [...] Love is Like a Flower 8
  2. [...] A-courting Bree Will Go 8
  3. [...] A Fern By Any Other Name... 8
  4. [...] A Fistful of Flowers - Repeatable 8

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

The Shire - The Party Tree

The Shire - Brockenborings

  1. [...] Bullroarer's Brew 8
  2. [...] Paying Your Respects 8

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

Festival Garden

Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall Inn

Festival Horse Races

At The Shire Race-track and Festival Grounds

The Inn League

The Inn League headquarters at The Bird and Baby inn

The Ale Association

The Ale Association headquarters


8 - Added with Spring Festival 2008
9 - Added with Spring Festival 2009
10 - Added with Spring Festival 2010
11 - Added with Spring Festival 2011
12 - Added with Spring Festival 2012

Festival Items

Festival Item
Blue Gift Box (Festival)-icon.png
Blue Gift Box - This gift box contains a random item! Open it and find out!!
Red Gift Box-icon.png
Red Gift Box - This gift box contains a random item! Open it and find out!!
Green Gift Box-icon.png
Green Gift Box - This gift box contains a random item! Open it and find out!!
Note of Affection 2-icon.png
Note of Affection - Send someone a Note of Affection to express your feelings during this spring season!
Hat 1 (Cosmetic)-icon.png
Black Corsair Hat - Yar, this be a black corsair's hat matee.
Black Corsair Eyepatch-icon.png
Black Corsair Eyepatch - Yar, no pirate be complete without a black corsair's eye patch!
Black Corsair Eyepatch and Hat-icon.png
Black Corsair Eyepatch and Hat - I 'ent be going nowhere's without me effects, Yarr
Keg 1-icon.png
Inn League Keg - Place this large keg inside your home and share with friends! Be warned that all ye who drink too much shall suffer the consequences.

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