Southern Bree-fields

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Area.png Southern Bree-fields
Region: Bree-land
Landmark(s): Brigand's Watch
Dogwood's Farm
Greenway Crossing
Hillshire Ruins
Old Sweetgrass Farm
Outlaw's Haven
Settlement(s): Adso's Camp
Northern Barrow-downs
Northern Bree-fields
Old Forest
Starmere Lake
Levels: Mainly 14 - 17
Resource tier: Journeyman
Southern Bree-fields.jpg

Southern Bree-fields is an area within Bree-land in the central, western region.

These rolling fields north of the Old Forest and the Barrow-downs were once were rich and flourishing. The Great East Road run through from west to east and those days travellers and merchants added to the wealth, something the many ruins still witness about. However, these days the farmsteads are overrun by brigands or worse and the wildlife seems upset and attacks on sight. Travellers are grumbling about the gangs of pirates that seem to know exactly when and what travels the road.

The Southern Bree-fields hosts Adso's Camp with vendors, a stable-master, and quest givers for characters of any race who are leaving the starter areas.



The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within the Southern Bree-fields:


See list of all NPCs within the Southern Bree-fields

NPC Function Coords
BanditM.png Brigand-informer Quest [28.0S, 52.3W]
HumanM.png Chief Watcher Grimbriar Quest [28.1S, 53.4W]
Dwarf.png Lofar Ironband Quest [28.1S, 53.3W]
HumanM.png Watcher Rosecane Quest [28.2S, 53.3W]


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Bree-land

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