South Trollshaws

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Area.png South Trollshaws
Region: The Trollshaws
Landmark(s): Barachen's Camp
Minas Agor
Ost Dúrgonn
Bruinen Gorges
Nan Tornaeth
North Trollshaws
Talath Gaun - The Lone-lands
Levels: Mainly 35
Resource tier: Artisan
South Trollshaws.jpg

South Trollshaws is an area within The Trollshaws in the western region.

Nestled between the Hoarwell river and the Bruinen Gorges this woody area is fairly passable compared to other areas of The Trollshaws. The wild life is mostly bears and boars. On its southern edge lie the ruins of Minas Agor, an old Arnorian watchtower. To the north dangerous valleys leads into the North Trollshaws.

The Great East Road runs through the area, from The Last Bridge to Bruinen Gorges and beyond. Just south of the road the unlikely company of a dwarf and an elf have settled, at Barachen's Camp, and provides some minor services.