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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Welcome to Roxxi Manor, a Kinship!

On the server Arkenstone lives Roxxi Manor. A Kinship of many sorts and made of good people, who love Lotro and Middle Earth. Ages ago two friends and longtime players decided to create two Rune-Keepers and search for a home. As most know, Rune-Keepers draw their strength from rune stones and thus the two Rune-Keepers Hardiroxx and Nykearoxx were created. The two friends journeyed far and wide throughout Middle Earth and while adventuring in Falathlorn one spring time day near the river Lhun, they found the perfect spot for a home and a base of Kinship. Naturally the home was named Roxxi Manor to draw on the power of the mystical runes and reflect the natural domain of a manor; and a Kinship was created.

Since that time many Lotro players have joined the ranks of Roxxi Manor. Some are new and some have played Lotro since beta and pre-beta. There is a wealth of experiences and personalities within this group and room for more to join us. Within these ranks just may be some of the past associates you have adventured with in Bree or explored Moria with as a young adventuring free fighter in Middle Earth. If you are in search of a home here in Lotro, play on the Arkenstone Server or want to start, look us up in game or thru the Roxxi Manor web site ( See bottom of of the page for in game contact information.

On People

Roxxi Manor people care about one another and for all players in Lotro. No one purpose is greater than another. Respect for others and their opinion is highly cherished. You will not see Roxxi Manor Kin members bashing other players in open chat or game forums. We may disagree with others opinions but we do not create drama in our disagreements. We help our fellow Kin members in many ways and ask them to adopt the pay-it-forward philosophy, where if you are helped today by someone, tomorrow help someone else. We ask that we respect each other — treat each other fairly and above all else have fun — Remember that everyone has different goals in the game. But, none are more important than another. We help Kin members and non Kin members alike. Keep an eye out for a roxxi manor event near you and join in on the fun even if you’re not a Kin member.


Roxxi Manor – Clearing dungeons in Middle Earth since beta, one mob at a time; We die by the door!


Roxxi Manor keeps a full weekly schedule of events, it’s a rare day when we do not have an event scheduled. We do a lot of 3, 6, & 12-man instances throughout the week, we do run 12-man Raids but do not consider ourselves a raiding Kin. If a lower level Kin member needs help or we just join in to have fun doing lower level things like questing, crafting, deeds, page collecting, Etc it is very common to see other Kin members joining in on the lower level fun. Any Kin member can create or suggest a specific run or calendar event and it is highly encouraged.


Roxxi Manor is active on the Free player and Monster player sides in the moors. We regularly schedule events and group up as a Kin to take the fight to the Moors! We have special days to help new Freeps and Creeps gain renown and infamy and level up the baby monsters.

Kin Governance

Roxxi Manor is led by Hardiroxx, as Kinship leader. There is a modest size Kin officer core and a Kin council. Together the three leadership bodies support the Kin with Kin direction, recruiting, scheduling, leading events, and whatever is required to keep a happy and healthy active Kinship.

Size Matters

Roxxi Manor is a medium to medium large size Kinship. It is not uncommon to log in and see 20+ Kin members logged on the game. This allows us to run 3-man, 6-man, and 12-man Raids regularly (even un-scheduled Raids at times) and help our new max level players and not so experienced players run top end game content. Also, there is going to be many different level players on at the same time.

TeamSpeak (TS) and Kin chat

Simply put, Kin chat is PC and family friendly; TS is NOT! Leave the religion and politics at the door, don’t create drama, do have fun and relax.

On Recruiting

Roxxi Manor does not post recruiting messages on in-game chat channels such as LFF, OOC, GLFF, Etc. We do monitor those channels and look for people who are looking for Kinships. We also try to recruit through action, by questing or helping others outside the Kin and they get to see what an excellent Kinship we have here at Roxxi Manor.

Roxxi Manor FAQ

1Q: Are you a raiding Kin?

1A: No, but we do raid, normally weekly or multiple times weekly. We do not have set static raid nights or set groups. We also involve Kin members who are new to End game raids to help them learn how to fight the raid and complete the run.

2Q: Are you a large Kin?

2A: We are a med-lg Kin normally we have 10-20 people on, many times 20+.

3Q: Do we help new Kin members?

3A: We do, in areas like crafting new gear, sharing knowledge of class and skills, running lower level groups at times… If a member can help they will but remember they have goals as well and don't try to monopolize their time. What we don’t do is power level new Kin members, if your joining a Kin just to have people get you through quests and content, this might not be the best fit for you. We best like to help those whom help themselves and are active in the Kin chat, vent, and Kin forums.

4Q: Do we do group instances?

4A: We keep a full schedule and normally complete that runs scheduled. A lot of the time the run on the schedule is a starter and leads into many more group runs after the scheduled item. In some cases we have in excess of the required 12 needed for a raid and after we complete it once, we will sub out other Kin members to get in on the runs.

5Q: Can I get Kin groups at low level?

5A: Yes. It works best if you know what runs you want to do first; then talk to a Council member or Officer and let them know what run you want to do and when you can do it.

6Q: Is TeamSpeak (Voice Chat) mandatory?

6A: No, not to join the Kin. If you want to participate in group content with other Kin members it helps for everyone to have TS installed so they can listen and receive direction and information from the group leader. Not everyone is 120 WPM typist and voice communications has worked best in our experience. You don’t have to talk if you don’t have a mic but hearing the others in your group is critical for high end fellowshipping.

7Q: What time zone are you and when is the Kin active?

7A: The Kin is made up of players in all time zones (North America, EU, Pacific Rim, and Australasia). The majority of our member base is located in North America. There are scheduled activities for day and night players and the hours of 7:00 PM to 01:00 AM are the peek activity hours.

8Q: How can I get more Roxxi Manor?

8A: Check out our web site at and look for our Facebook group.

How to contact Roxxi Manor in game

  • Send a /tell to a Kin member, preferably an Officer or Council Member but anyone can assist you in finding an Officer.
  • Look to see who in Roxxi Manor is in game now. Type “/who Roxxi Manor” be sure to set the level range from 7 to 105.
  • Send an in game mail to any officer or Council member (not the best option, because we can now know when that character will be logged into).

Roxxi Manor Leadership

Leader Officers Council
Hardiroxx Saxilios

T2C Raid Requirements

Raid requirements for T2C can be found here.