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In most skirmishes the Deed of slaying all the hidden Encounters will rewards a title. The Barrow-downs Survival skirmish is a special case with dozens of deeds and only one title.

  • Skirmishes scale to your level, note if you drop the level and enter with mobs far below your level and gray, the deed will not advance.
  • See Category:Skirmish Deeds for an alternative list.

Here is a list of Deeds by Level:

Level 20 - 105

Siege of Gondamon

Defeat Thrastar
Defeat Hergill
Defeat Agi Gatebreaker
Defeat Ghashnâkh
Defeat Sigurmar
Reward - Title: Gondamon Siege-breaker

Trouble in Tuckborough

Stop Ghâshfog from digging into the Great Hill
Stop Murbarash from burning hobbit holes
Stop Fíthrokh from eating chickens
Defeat Oldroot at the Great Willow
Defeat Big Fright on the hillside
Reward - Title: Tuckborough Troublemaker

Storm on Methedras

Defeat Rhodri
Defeat Budant
Defeat Maru Brenin
Defeat Garzog
Defeat Caur
Defeat Helechúl
Defeat Núrvor
Defeat Dombor - Rogmul
Defeat Daeharn
Reward - Title: Defence Against the Shadow

Level 25 - 105

Stand at Amon Sûl

Defeat Golnauk
Defeat Bloodwing
Defeat Gúgaw's Arm
Defeat Laimbenn
Defeat Mokum
Defeat Gwandir
Defeat Norgol
Defeat Gwathrengor
Defeat Urkflagít
Reward - Title: Stood at Amon Sûl

Level 30 - 105

Thievery and Mischief

Defeat Lordfisher
Defeat Padfoot
Defeat Goretusk
Defeat Ned Ashleaf
Defeat Tom Greythistle
Defeat Túkar
Defeat Snagbúrz
Defeat Gruglup
Reward - Title: Stopper of Thievery and Mischief

Attack at Dawn

Defeat Tharb
Defeat Pugh
Defeat Fríb
Defeat Zimarp
Defeat Krampum
Defeat Kaushar
Reward - Title: Dawn-breaker

Level 35 - 105

Defence of the Prancing Pony

Defeat Southpaw
Defeat the Old Hunter
Defeat Ufglup
Defeat Rat-catcher
Defeat Mukghashan
Defeat Kamhont
Defeat Banosnákh
Defeat Willie Hawthorn
Reward - Title: Defender of the Prancing Pony

Level 40 - 105

Ford of Bruinen

Defeat Zanúrz
Defeat Kunquin
Defeat Durkúf
Supply the archers
Defeat Bruidagnir
Reward - Title: Forded Bruinen

The Icy Crevasse

Defeat Míthalagos
Defeat Kókas-joku
Defeat Lapa-kita
Defeat Coflúg
Defeat Crantok
Defeat Túgarch
Defeat Veri-torvi
Defeat Mahti
Reward - Title: Icy Crevasser

Level 45 - 105

Barrow-downs Survival

The Dead Slayer Deeds

The Dead deeds require increasing numbers of mob kills at the Small Fellowship (3), Fellowship (6) and Raid (12) group size.

Name Small Fellowship(3) Fellowship(6) Raid(12)
Foe of the Dead 100 Dead 100 Dead 100 Dead
Assailant of the Dead 750 Dead 750 Dead 750 Dead
Adversary of the Dead 5,000 Dead 5,000 Dead 5,000 Dead
Bane of the Dead 10,000 Dead 10,000 Dead 10,000 Dead

Dark Lord Lieutenant Slayer Deeds

Dark Lord deeds require increasing numbers of Lieutenant kills at the Small Fellowship (3), Fellowship (6) and Raid (12) group size.

Name Small Fellowship(3) Fellowship(6) Raid(12)
Foe of the Dark Lord 25 Lieutenants 25 Lieutenants 25 Lieutenants
Assailant of the Dark Lord 100 Lieutenants 100 Lieutenants 100 Lieutenants
Adversary of the Dark Lord 500 Lieutenants 500 Lieutenants 500 Lieutenants
Bane of the Dark Lord 1,000 Lieutenants 1,000 Lieutenants 1,000 Lieutenants

Single Session (Instance) Deeds

These deeds must be completed in a single skirmish instance or session and in each group size: Small Fellowship (3), Fellowship (6) and Raid (12).

Name Requirements to Complete Meta Deed
Pride of Endurance Survive 5 minutes in a Small Fellowship(3), Fellowship(6) and Raid(12) Pride of Endurance -- Complete
Strength of Endurance Survive 30 minutes in a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Strength of Endurance -- Complete
Unvanquished Survive 30 minutes without being defeated in a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Unvanquished -- Complete
Simple Skill Survive 30 minutes with no Fellowship Maneuvers in a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Simple Skill -- Complete
Mercy of the Free Peoples Survive 30 minutes but kill no Lieutenants in a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Mercy of the Free Peoples -- Complete
Strength in Diversity Survive 30 minutes with no duplicate classes in your Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Strength in Diversity -- Complete
Defeating the Dead 250 kills using a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Defeating the Dead -- Complete
Rulers of the Dead 20 Lieutenant kills using a Small Fellowship, Fellowship and Raid Rulers of the Dead -- Complete

Single Session (Instance) Meta Deeds

Once you complete all of the Single Session (Instance) Meta Deeds you will be awarded the Final Capstone Meta Deeds

Level 55 - 105

The Battle of the Deep-way

Defeat Lhenathronil
Defeat Gámârz-ash
Defeat Earthbreaker
Defeat Forktongue
Defeat Foulscum
Defeat the Gorged Queen
Defeat Burntail
Defeat the Mad Croaker
Reward - Title: Defender of the Deep-way

The Battle of the Way of Smiths

Defeat Fire-heart
Defeat Ice-heart
Defeat Shadow-heart
Defeat Celebarch
Defeat Fikûhom
Defeat Durbrennil
Defeat Sadâuk
Reward - Title: Defender of the Heart of Fire

The Battle of the Twenty-first Hall

Defeat Swangeir Goldstealer
Defeat Morûrz-kala
Defeat Kalus
Defeat Throqûm
Defeat Fodhroval
Defeat the Shadow from the Heart of the World
Defeat Helchnaeth
Extinguish the Goblins' Fire-pot
Reward - Title: Defender of the Twenty-first Hall

Level 60 - 105

Strike Against Dannenglor

Defeat Helchfaer
Defeat Ghostfang
Defeat Ruingalad
Defeat Swartclaw
Defeat Rimdeloth
Defeat Gorogmúl
Defeat Gothling
Defeat Fiklúk
Defeat Seregruin
Reward - Title: Struck Against Dannenglor

Protectors of Thangúlhad

Defeat Borndol
Defeat Ruithroval
Defeat Azrí
Defeat Hokarul
Defeat Grudom
Defeat Frúzglob
Defeat Golugthrug
Defeat Lapus
Defeat Torúglup
Reward - Title: Protector of Thangúlhad

Level 65 - 105

Breaching the Necromancer's Gate

Defeat Lavalúg
Defeat Gortag
Defeat Firingúl
Defeat Murúk
Defeat Annoniel
Defeat Thrângund
Defeat Morgúr
Defeat Agardúr
Defeat Grishglok
Reward - Title: Breacher of the Necromancer's Gate

Assault on the Ringwraiths' Lair

Defeat Faelathron
Defeat Mazaukgrat
Defeat Kúfit
Defeat Durnákh
Defeat Gúlheryn
Defeat Afglu
Defeat Zánurz
Defeat Norchador
Defeat Mornákh
Reward - Title: Assaulter of the Ringwraiths' Lair

Battle in the Tower

Defeat Thangaran
Defeat Iaerien
Defeat Hogaward
Defeat Múdku
Defeat Blord
Defeat Gundnákh
Defeat Gadhumúrz
Defeat Urbor
Reward - Title: Battled in the Tower

Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu

Defeat Narubras
Defeat Gormalith
Defeat Gháshglob
Defeat Morfuin
Defeat Snagtalún
Defeat Lúgryn
Defeat Nurnor
Defeat Cefrog
Reward - Title: Rescuer of Nûrz Ghâshu

Skirmisher of Middle-Earth

The Ultimate Meta Deed. Requiures you to complete all of the previous Skirmish deeds

Reward - Emote: /bringiton
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