Rivendell Valley

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Area.png Rivendell Valley
Region: The Trollshaws
Landmark(s): The Bridge of Rivendell
Elrond's Stables
The Falls of Imladris
The Forges of Rivendell
The Guest Rooms
The Haven of Orladion
Imlad Gelair
The Last Homely House
The Market of Rivendell
Skirmish Camp
The Spire of Meeting
Auction Faire of Rivendell
North Gate of Rivendell
High Moor
Bruinen Source West - The Misty Mountains
Levels: Mainly 39 & various
Rivendell Valley.jpg

Rivendell Valley is an area within The Trollshaws in the north-eastern region.

This area is in itself one of the largest Elf settlements in Middle-earth, and certainly one of the most renowned. 3,000 years ago, Elrond Halfelven founded an elven refuge within The Trollshaws, commonly known as "Rivendell" which means "deep valley of the cleft" in direct translation from the Sindarin name "Imladris". It lies nestled in the valley of the Bruinen river, which flows down the face of the Misty Mountains in the north-east, through the valley and on towards the south through a narrow cleft, impassable for friend as well as foe. In the south a path winds itself up and through a rift in the mountains to High Moor, and in the north a similar path leads north-east to the Misty Mountains. The few enemies who perhaps have a vague idea of where the mythical Rivendell is located would find it impossible to conquer the well trained elves in simple battle. (See the talk page for details on Rivendell versus Rivendell Valley.)

In October 3018 III, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, Strider, and their friends were rescued from the nine Nazgûl at the Ford of Bruinen by Elf-lord Glorfindel and many elves. They were rapidly brought to Elrond's house, Frodo being in serious need of healing, and the others to rest and eat. The four hobbits soon realized that they were in quite a pickle, entangled in adventures much larger and more dangerous than they could have guessed. Throughout the Epic storyline, Rivendell Valley is an important hub for many Epic events. Here supporters of the Free Peoples find shelter before they set out on diversions or adventures which will in one way or the other support the Company of the Ring.

Notice: While some major services and facilities are found within the Last Homely House, several more services are provided at different locations throughout the entire valley. This page is focusing on quests, services and NPCs which are not bound to specific landmarks or interiors, but it also summarizes the major services and locations for your convenience.


The Falls of Imladris contributes to Bruinen river
The Bridge of Rivendell spans over Bruinen
The quietness of The Haven of Orladion
North Gate of Rivendell guards the road to the Misty Mountains
Imdolen high above the road to the Misty Mountains
The Bridge of Rivendell by night

These landmarks are located within Rivendell Valley:


The following services can be found within the settlement of Rivendell Valley:



The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]

The Last Homely House [28.6S, 3.3W]

Imlad Gelair [32.2S, 2.1W]



Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Gath Forthnír (Swift) Angmar 35 Silver  Min Level: 40
Acquaintance Standing with Council of the North
Must have completed "Book 6 Chapter 6: Challenging the stone
South Bree (Swift) Bree-land 25 Silver  Min Level: 40
Lhanuch (Swift) Enedwaith 45 Silver  Min Level: 50
Friend standing with Elves of Rivendell
Completed Deed: Mysteries of Enedwaith (Intermediate)
Echad Dúnann (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 45
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Advanced)
Echad Dúnann Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 45
Echad Eregion (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 40
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Intermediate)
Echad Eregion Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 40
Echad Mirobel (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 45
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Final)
Echad Mirobel Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 45
Gwingris (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 40
Completed deed: Silent and Restless
Gwingris Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 40
Sûri-kylä (Swift) Forochel 35 Silver  Min Level: 40
Acquaintance standing with Lossoth of Forochel
Ettenmoors (Swift) Ettenmoors 1 Silver  VIP players: Greyed out until level 20 -OR-
Free and Premium players can purchase a temporary Ettenmoors pass for 20 of the Mithril Coin-icon.png Mithril Coin currency to purchase 6 hours of PVMP playtime.
Inner Caras Galadhon (Swift) Lothlorien 45 Silver  Min Level: 50
Friend standing with Galadhrim
Completed quest: The Paths of Caras Galadhon
Ost Guruth (Swift) The Lone-lands 35 Silver 
Ost Guruth The Lone-lands 25 Silver 
Glóin's Camp The Misty Mountains 15 Silver 
Hrimbarg (Swift) The Misty Mountains 35 Silver 
Esteldín (Swift) The North Downs 20 Silver  Min Level: 40
Echad Candelleth (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver  Min Level: 35
Echad Candelleth The Trollshaws 25 Silver  Min Level: 35
Thorenhad (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver 
Thorenhad The Trollshaws 25 Silver 


See list of all NPCs within Rivendell Valley


NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Glorielhen Notary [29.5S, 3.9W]
ElfF.png Taidbes Sage of Eriador [29.5S, 3.8W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Coords
HumanM.png Heath Wheaton Captain Trainer [28.8S, 4.2W]
ElfF.png Mallenhadh Hunter Trainer [29.9S, 5.9W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Anhebir Quest [30.9S, 5.3W]
Glorfindel.png Glorfindel Quest [30.1S, 3.1W]
ElfM.png Golhador Quest [27.0S, 5.5W]
ElfM.png Ringhul Quest [29.8S, 5.4W]
Elf.png Townsperson

NPCs – Summary of Major Services

Supplies & Services

NPC Function Location Coords
HumanF.png Celia Greenweed Consumable Trader The Last Homely House ground floor
ElfM.png Salabdúr Healer The Last Homely House ground floor
ElfM.png Haldúr Hobby Master The Hall of Fire TLHH
ElfM.png Grafinn Provisioner The Forges of Rivendell [28.6S, 6.2W]
ElfF.png Grafinn Provisioner The Hall of Fire TLHH
ElfF.png Gilfiniel Supplier The Hall of Fire TLHH
ElfM.png Raenfer Supplier The Forges of Rivendell [28.6S, 6.1W]
ElfM.png Rombrennil Supplier Imlad Gelair [32.2S, 2.1W]
ElfM.png Hammadelen Outfitter The Market of Rivendell [29.3S, 5.8W]
ElfM.png Sogadan Vintner - (Tavern Keep) The Hall of Fire TLHH


See also level 50 armour sets from Class Traders at first floor of the Last Homely House
All armament vendors are found at The Market of Rivendell, selling for levels 28 to 45
NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Glorielvir Light Armoursmith [29.2S, 5.8W]
ElfM.png Gwathdal Light Armoursmith [29.2S, 5.8W]
ElfM.png Gruinthír Medium Armoursmith [29.1S, 5.9W]
ElfM.png Rodgam Heavy Armoursmith [29.1S, 5.8W]
ElfM.png Maendan Heavy Armoursmith [29.1S, 5.8W]
ElfM.png Calenhen Bowyer [28.9S, 5.9W]
ElfM.png Sidlinn Bowyer [28.9S, 5.9W]
ElfM.png Dúrvenel One-handed Weaponsmith [29.2S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Orodlin One-handed Weaponsmith [29.1S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Berenin Two-handed Weaponsmith [29.2S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Daerlaw Two-handed Weaponsmith [29.2S, 6.2W]


NPC Function Location Coords
ElfF.png Filegnaneth Novice Cook The Hall of Fire TLHH
ElfF.png Glavroliel Novice Jeweller The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Dringlinn Novice Metalsmith The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfF.png Ruineth Expert Metalsmith Imlad Gelair [32.2S, 2.1W]
ElfM.png Atharovor Novice Scholar Elrond's Library TLHH
ElfM.png Forgamthan Expert Scholar Elrond's Library TLHH
ElfM.png Miluidan Novice Tailor The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfF.png Galuoneth Novice Weaponsmith The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Crisdúr Expert Weaponcrafter Imlad Gelair [32.2S, 2.1W]
ElfF.png Mallasil Novice Woodworker The Forges of Rivendell [28.5S, 6.2W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Location Coords
HobbitM.png Elmo Brown Burglar Trainer The Last Homely House [29.9S, 3.3W]
HumanM.png Heath Wheaton Captain Trainer Rivendell Valley [28.8S, 4.2W]
ElfF.png Celeblas Champion Trainer The Spire of Meeting [29.8S, 4.7W]
ElfM.png Mirdoron Guardian Trainer North Gate of Rivendell [28.1S, 5.3W]
ElfF.png Mallenhadh Hunter Trainer Rivendell Valley [29.9S, 5.9W]
ElfF.png Elwen Lore-master Trainer The Last Homely House [29.6S, 3.4W]
ElfM.png Bailinn Minstrel Trainer The Last Homely House [29.8S, 3.4W]
ElfF.png Cerebthos Rune-keeper Trainer The Last Homely House [29.7S, 3.5W]
HumanM.png Jeb Wheaton Warden Trainer The Spire of Meeting [29.9S, 4.7W]


The following creatures are found within this area:


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests


Epic quests

Episodic Content


Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: The different locations within this section, individually list quests, services, NPCs, and more, which pertain to each of them. See also those landmarks which are not presented here.

Auction Faire of Rivendell

Auction Faire of Rivendell
See Auction Faire of Rivendell for more details.

The Auction Faire of Rivendell is found in the north-east of Rivendell. [29.0S, 3.1W]

The Auctioneers of Rivendell are found at a safe location north of the Last Homely House, kind of an outdoor Auction House. Here is also a mailbox conveniently located.

Elrond's Stables

Elrond's Stables
See Elrond's Stables for more details.

Elrond's Stables are located in the western part of the valley. [29.3S, 6.7W]

The Stables are located furthest to the west of the valley, west of the Market and north of Bruinen river. The larger stables are locked up but there are many horses in the southern part, where also Stable-master Ladrochan is found, selling swift rides to several locations throughout the Middle-earth.

The Forges of Rivendell

The Forges of Rivendell
See The Forges of Rivendell for more details.

The Forges of Rivendell are found in the north-western part of the valley. [28.5S, 6.2W]

The Forges are located north-west of The Market of Rivendell, somewhat hidden behind a rock formation. This is one of four crafting areas in the valley and it provides a forge and a workbench. Here are also forge- and relic-masters, a number of novice craft trainers, suppliers, and others. This is also the location where Hemeldir will reforge Aragorn's sword, the Andúril.

Guest Rooms December 24th

The Guest Rooms
See Guest Rooms December 24th for more details.

Guest Rooms December 24th is a house at the south-western part of Rivendell. [30.7S, 6.2W]

Several members of the Fellowship of the Ring can be found here, preparing for the inevitable war with the Enemies from the North and the East.

  • Legendary quest givers

Imlad Gelair

The hidden entrance of Imlad Gelair
See Imlad Gelair for more details.

Imlad Gelair is hidden in the south-east of the valley. [32.4S, 2.2W]

Imlad Gelair is considered by the Elves a sanctuary high upon the hills, overlooking The Last Homely House. Its entrance is hidden just south of the Falls of Imladris, in the south-eastern part of the valley. [30.5S, 3.7W]

Visitors who have achieved Acquaintance standing with the Elves of Rivendell are welcomed to continue the well protected passage through the mountain to this secluded location. This is one of four crafting areas in the valley and it provides a Superior Forge, expert craft trainers, and representatives for the Elves of Rivendell. Characters who are allies with the Elves may buy supplies from Rombrennil.

The Market of Rivendell

The Market of Rivendell
See The Market of Rivendell for more details.

The Market of Rivendell is is found in the north-western part of the valley. [29.1S, 5.8W]

Around the beautiful Market and its large Elven structures and gazebos are many armour and weapon vendors found, as well as other service providers and quest givers.

The Spire of Meeting

The Spire of Meeting
See The Spire of Meeting for more details.

The Spire of Meeting is located almost at the centre of the valley. [29.9S, 4.8W]

This is the perfect meeting point as the spire is visible far and wide. Here is found a tome named "Chronicle of Events", allowing visitors to recall past episodes and events, much like Reflecting Pools. Here are also found some class trainers, a mailbox, and quest givers.

The Last Homely House

The Last Homely House
See The Last Homely House for more details.

The Last Homely House is an interior and a landmark within Rivendell Valley. [29.6S, 3.3W]

Elf-lord Elrond's residence is located east-most of the valley, just by the Falls of Imladris and just by the foot of the Misty Mountains. This is where, at sunset, the sky turns pink and yellow, and the hills glow. Here visitors will meet many of the best known characters from Tolkien's works, and here Elrond and his elves give quests or advice. Among services are especially noted the Oven with its staff, Elrond's Library with Superior Studies and scholar trainers, as well as the Scholar's Guild-hall.

Bilbo's Room

Bilbo's Room December 24th
See Bilbo's Room December 24th for more details.

Bilbo's Room December 24th is found at the ground floor in the southern wing of Elrond's house with the chambers where Bilbo Baggins has been living the recent years. However, most often he enjoys the company of Lindir in the Hall of Fire, playing riddle games and musing himself. Recently Gandalf, Frodo, and his hobbit friends arrived and are resting in Bilbo's chambers.

  • Famous legends and quests

Laerdan's Chamber

Laerdan's Chamber
See Laerdan's Chamber for more details.

Laerdan's Chamber is located in the northern wing at the ground floor. These are the chambers in which Laerdan rested after being freed from the tortures of Amarthiel. Other visitors may enter just while having quests pertaining to the chamber.

The Hall of Fire

The Hall of Fire
See The Hall of Fire for more details.

The Hall of Fire is found within the northern wing at the ground floor of Elrond's house. In there, Bilbo Baggins and Lindir trade riddles, Elf-singers praise the handsome Imladris, as do the elves at the upper levels. This is one of four crafting areas within Rivendell Valley and it provides ovens and a cook trainer, but also various vendors offering supplies and services, as well as a barber.

Scholar's Guild-hall

Scholar's Guild-hall
See Scholar's Guild-hall for more details.

The Scholar's Guild is a crafting guild that is found on the second floor of the southern wing, just under Elrond's Library. It can sometime be hard to spot the door label as it hovers near the ceiling. This guild rewards scholars that have gained required standing with access to improved or special recipes.Within the guild hall is also a Vault-keeper found..

Elrond's Library

Elrond's Library
See Elrond's Library for more details.

Elrond's Library is located at the southern wing of the second floor of Elrond's house. This magnificent library is housing books, lore, and artefacts in a huge hall built in two levels. This is where Elf-lord Elrond Halfelven feels most comfortable and where he usually is found, at the lower level of the library. This is one of four crafting areas within Rivendell Valley and for Scholars this library houses many Superior Studies as well as Scholar trainers, both novice and expert.


Rivendell Valley

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The Trollshaws

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Founded: II 1697
The hidden refuge of Elrond Halfelven, founded by Elrond in the Second Age against the assaults of Sauron in Eriador. It lay in a deep valley in the western foothills of the Misty Mountains, and endured, under the protection of Elrond's Ring Vilya, until the War of the Ring and beyond. After the War, the Ring's power ended and Elrond passed over the Sea, but Rivendell itself remained, at least for a time, in the keeping of Elrond's sons Elladan and Elrohir. — lorebook

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Rivendell, by J. R. R. Tolkien (full size) Overview Map

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