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Basic Riding Trait (Skill)

  • This skill is required to ride any permanent mount, increasing the player's movement speed to greater than 60%.
By acquiring this trait you can purchase any of the permanent mounts skills also available in the LOTRO Store. Skill is auto-applied upon acquisition.
  • Note: You need to have this Basic Riding Trait (Skill) (Riding Skill) before being able to do races at festivals (the quest ring won't even show otherwise).
  • Free or Premium players must first purchase this Basic Riding Trait (Skill) from the LOTRO Store, but can do so at any level after completing the Introduction (Level 5).
  • The Basic riding trait can be purchase PER character for 95 TP each
  • It is also included as part of an account level package ( granting the skill to ALL characters on the account ) by purchasing from the LOTRO Store either
Item Levels Classes Uses Points
Riding Skill (Store)-icon.png Riding Skill 5 (min) All Character 95 LOTRO Point 
  • Mounts & War-steeds > Riding Traits >