Rangers of Esteldín

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Rangers of Esteldín is a reputation faction located in Esteldín.

The hidden sanctuary of Esteldín stands as the gathering place of the strength of Men in the North -- the only power other than Rivendell itself that might offer pause to the growing power of Angmar.
Once a secretive organisation, the Rangers are beginning to seek the aid of any stalwart who would raise a blade against the darkness as the North prepares for war.

Location and Officials

At Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard in eastern Esteldín.

Gaining Reputation


Reputation Barter Items

Right-click the items in your inventory.

Item Points
Orc Battle-medallion-icon.png Orc Battle-medallion 30  
Orc Campaign-medallion-icon.png Orc Campaign-medallion 50  
War-master's Lash-icon.png War-master's Lash 700  

Mobs Defeated

Mob: Orcs


The North Downs


Crafting Quests

Introductory Quests

Barter Items

Item Crafting Tier Points
Ranger's Sash-icon.png Ranger's Sash Artisan 60  
Ranger's Cloak-icon.png Ranger's Cloak Master 100  
Tapestry of Deeds-icon.png Tapestry of Deeds Master 700  


Titles / Passive Skills

Standing Title Passive Skill
Acquaintance Known to the Rangers
Friend Esteldín-friend Rangers of Esteldín - Travel Discount - 10% discount at all Rangers of Esteldín stable-masters
Ally Ally of Esteldín Rangers of Esteldín - Vendor Discount - 5% discount at all Rangers of Esteldín vendors
Kindred Honorary Ranger


Access to the following items from the vendor Malenfang outside the Craft-hall of Esteldín at Friend standing:

Item Standing Level Cost
Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon.png Cushioned Bench Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Hooded Cloak 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Manadhgol Ally 40 136 Silver 
Earring 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Manadloch Friend 40 128 Silver 
Pocket 37 (rare reputation)-icon.png Stories of the Rangers Friend 42 131 Silver 20 Copper 
Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon.png Red Canopy Bed Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Bow 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Cúrandir Ally 45 136 Silver 
Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png Mentoring the Harp Ally 112 Silver 
One-handed Sword 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Comagol Kindred 45 136 Silver 
Prized Esteldín Steed-icon.png Prized Esteldín Steed Kindred Gold 823 Silver 60 Copper 

Access to the following item from the vendor Bordhreg inside the Craft-hall of Esteldín at Ally standing:

Item Standing Cost
Stone Tower-icon.png Stone Tower Ally 60 Silver 

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