Quest:Worms On the Heights

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Worms On the Heights
Level 42
Type Solo
Starts with Daervellas
Starts at Echad Candelleth
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [37.2S, 14.0W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain Worms On the Heights
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Have you seen them, traveller, the worms that crawl throughout the woods and crags of Tâl Bruinen? They are born in the rocks high to the east of Echad Candelleth. Their sire is Sarlug, a most vile creature, and their dam is Sarnemil, ferocious and protective.

'I sought to end their reign of this area once, but I was alone and could not finish them -- I rue now the decision that made me take flight, but I thought them grievously wounded, unable to cause more harm. I was wrong. Their wormlings have now matured, and more are on the way. Soon, Tâl Bruinen will be overrun with the creatures.

'I would be grateful if you would finish what I began, traveller. Cirith Ulunn is directly to the east of Echad Candelleth, but it is tucked amid the high mountains; you cannot reach it from the valley of the Bruinen. Instead, travel to the north-east, along the slopes that hug the eastern arm of the mountains. When you are high up, travel then to the south, into Cirith Ulunn. Sarlug you will find there, but Sarnemil will likely flee. West of Cirith Ulunn, on the very edge of the cliffs, a single monument rises from the earth. Stand there on the cliff-edge, and look into the distance: you will likely see in which direction Sarnemil has fled. Return to me when you know this, have defeated Sarlug, and have also thinned the numbers of the rock-worms.'


Daervellas has asked for your help in dealing with the worms of Cirith Ulunn, which threaten all of Tâl Bruinen.

Objective 1

Cirith Ulunn, the home of Sarlug, is directly east of Echad Candelleth, but to reach it you will need to climb the sloping path to the north-east that hugs the eastern mountains. Directly west of Cirith Ulunn, a monument stands on the edge of the cliffs, where you should look for Sarnemil in the distance.

Daervellas has asked you to travel to Cirith Ulunn, defeat Sarlug and many of the rock-worms that plague Tâl Bruinen, and to look at the cliff's edge by a monument for Sarlug's mate, Sarnemil.

Daervellas: 'Cirith Ulunn, where dewll Sarlug and Sarnemil, is directly east of Echad Candelleth, but you will need to travel northeast and climb the slope that hugs the eastern mountains to reach it.
'Directly west of Cirith Ulunn, a monument stands on the very edge of the cliff. Look into the distance there to find Sarnemil. Return to me when you know in which direction she has fled, and you have defeated Sarlug and many rock-worms.'
Defeated Sarlug
You peer into the distance.
In the distance, you see Sarnemil crawling south along the Bruinen

Objective 2

Daervellas is at Echad Candelleth, in Tâl Bruinen.

You have defeated Sarlug and many rock-worms, but Sarnemil escaped; You saw her flee to the south along the course of the Bruinen and should report back to Daervellas.

Daervellas: 'Very well done, <name>! Your view from the heights matches what I know of Sarnemil: she goes now to protect her second clutch of eggs. She must be defeated quickly!'