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Projects are a means of organizing the different sections of LOTRO-Wiki, allowing contributors to easily keep track of what they are working on and to communicate with other editors in the same project, thus improving the amount, accuracy and quality of content in all areas of the Wiki.


Each project page should contain the following sections (and others if necessary):
  • Overview
  • Guideline(s) - Information on how to create and maintain the project's articles - frequently a "Help" section article.
  • Scope - List of all categories (and thus articles) that are maintained by the project.
  • Templates - A list of the templates used extensively and/or maintained by this project
Keep in mind the fact that Turbine is constantly revising and expanding the environment of LOTRO; therefore each project is dynamic and "plans" are constantly evolving.
  • Plans - Things that should be done in the near future and how they should be done.
  • Completed - A list of all articles and/or sections of the plans that have been completed.
  • Work In Progress - Information on what articles and/or sections are currently being worked on by which editors.
  • Things To Do - Information on what still needs to be done, ranging from missing content to articles still requiring a large amount of content and editing.
Project Overview
Focus: Proper categorization of all content on LOTRO-Wiki.
Focus: Races and player character classes, including skills, traits, stats, equipment and customization.
Focus: The Crafting system, including interdependence, professions, vocations, resources and more.
Focus: Creatures (Mobs) found in the game, including those documented in Instances.
Focus: All of the various Deeds found in the game.
Focus: Writing and maintaining documentation, both for general editing and for all other projects.
Focus: Effects (Buffs & Debuffs) as reference for various other sections of LOTRO-Wiki.
Game Guides
Focus: Writing and maintaining guides on all aspects of LOTRO.
Focus: Creating and organizing images for all sections of LOTRO-Wiki that require them.
Focus: Instanced locations, including World Instances, Quest Instances, Raids and Public Dungeons.
Focus: Background (Lore) information on NPCs, Locations and more.
Focus: Presenting the in-game store on the Wiki.
Monster Play
Focus: Monster Play in the Ettenmoors and all related content.
Focus: Non-Player Characters, serving as a reference for many other sections of LOTRO-Wiki.
Focus: All Quests found in LOTRO.
Focus: The Skirmish system and all related information.
System Tools
Focus: Templates, Skins, Tooltips and other tools.
Focus: Cities, Regions, Maps, Locations and more.

Major Lotro-Wiki Projects
CategorizationCharacterCraftingCreaturesDeedsDocumentationEffectsGame GuidesImagesInstancesLoreLOTRO StoreMonster PlayNPCsQuestsSkirmishesSystem ToolsWorld