Premium Housing

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Area.png Premium Gondorian Housing
Region: Western Gondor
Interior(s): Stately House
Luxurious House
Deluxe Kinship House
Landmark(s): Narvindon
Dol Amroth,
Havens of Belfalas
Cape of Belfalas Housing area


Cape of Belfalas Housing, also known as: (Premium Gondorian Housing)
Need to get away from all the war and darkness of recent events in Middle Earth?
Visit the scenic Cape of Belfalas for a breath of fresh sea air - and the most stately, well-appointed housing for sale to adventurers of all stripes.
Look for Nothwen, the Cape of Belfalas Housing Broker in Bree, Dol Amroth or Minas Tirith today!
  • The smaller Belfalas houses (Stately Home) are bigger and have more hooks than the classic deluxe house. The stately house has more hooks than a classic kinship house.


  • To purchase a Personal or Premium House, you must have reached a level of at least 15.
  • New Premium individual and Kin housing may be purchased for Mithril Coin-icon.png Mithril Coins or Premium Housing Writ-icon.png Premium Housing Writs
  • You are limited to one Personal house per account, but can purchase any number of Premium Houses.
You may own as many individual Premium houses as you want and still keep your classic house.
  • To purchase a Kinship House, you must be the leader of a kinship that has reached a lifespan of at least 7.
Note however, Kinships are limited to one Kin-house, either Premium or Standard.
  • Upkeep must be paid weekly in advance for all houses. However upkeep of Premium Housing is waived for VIPs.
  • It is possible to pay upkeep with gold or Mithril.

Cape of Belfalas


Streets and addresses of Cape of Belfalas
The Cape of Belfalas is a Premium Housing area located within the region of Western Gondor.
Falastír is the lighthouse keeper at Narvindon [92.7S, 62.4W] on the Cape of Belfalas.
'The Cape of Belfalas is under rule of Dol Amroth and it has been this way since I can remember. Not that I have been to the city in many a long year. Ha, that is how it goes sometimes, I reckon!'


As of update 20, there are 69 neighborhoods in the Cape of Belfalas


  • Mailbox - There are mailboxes at each individual residence.

Tasks Bulletin Board

Complete groupings of Tasks Bulletin Boards (levels 1-110) exist in multiple locations in each neighborhood.


  • While there is are no public crafting areas in the Belfalas neighborhoods, many residents leave their homes and yards accessible to neighbors. If they have purchased crafting stations from the LOTRO Store and have set permissions to allow the use of decorations, you can access these resources any time. Try visiting the Kinship islands for your best chance of finding accessible decorations.


  • Milestone - there is no milestone in the Cape of Belfalas.
You can port to the Premium Gondorian (Cape of Belfalas) housing area using a horse located beside Nothwen, the Cape of Belfalas Housing Broker, in Dol Amroth (near the Stable-master [75.5S, 72.4W]), or in Minas Tirith. (There is no horse available in Bree.)
The horse from Dol Amroth will port you to the Northern end of the Cape [84.1S, 69.2W], while the horse from Minas Tirith will port you to the Southern end of the cape [88.3S, 60.0W]. There is no horse from Bree.
You can also reach the Cape on horse by exiting Dol Amdroth and traveling south along the coast road. Or by traveling west from Dor-en-Ernil in Central Gondor. Note that this route is full of level 100 enemies as you reach Central Gondor!
Both locations place you on Cape Road which leads to the Lighthouse, Narvindon[92.7S, 62.4W].
While there are specific travel horses from Dol Amroth (Lvl 100) and Minas Tirith (lvl 100+) but not from Bree, you can use the Broker interface to visit any house via the "Tour House" button.
(Select a House and then on the right side of the UI at the bottom is the "Tour House" button. This ports you to that house, and then you can wander around that neighborhood at will!)
You can ride or walk from the north-end of the Cape to Dol Amroth safely with no Creatures molesting you. However, that is not true if you leave via the southern end.
What this means is that you can visit a house in the Cape and then hoof it back to Dol Amroth and grab the stable point there. . . which does link back to South Bree!
Otherwise, if you leave from Bree, you can't easily get back! -- unless you remembered to bind a Milestone, or are a Hunter or Warden, etc.
Of course if you purchase a house, you will get a port direct to that house, just as with Classic Housing - but still can't return without some other mechanic!


This housing area has several one-time quests and a related Deed, to tour the area and get into the seaside state of mind.
They can be picked at the Lighthouse, Narvindon, and reward new Gondorian decorations.

Cape of Belfalas Quests


1- [105] Homesteads of Gondor


2- [105] The Cape of Belfalas
3- [105] Wood from the Emyn Ernil


4- [105] Coastal Berries
5- [105] Walking Shell


6- [105] Checking the Traps
7- [105] Fishing the Day Away


Doing all the above quests completes a deed that also rewards a Gondorian house decoration.
The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:


  • Services, including Vault access, are provided within or just outside the Lighthouse, Narvindon, in each neighborhood.
A 10% discount on goods and services is supplied for local residents. Should you be a member of a Kinship with a Kinhouse in the neighborhood, a 15% discount is available.
This is from the vendors found in the local town center:

Found in multiple locations in each neighborhood:

-- on a scenic overlook above the Cathlond Docks [89.0S, 66.1W]
-- on a scenic overlook above the Cathlond Docks [89.0S, 66.1W]
-- on a scenic overlook above the Cathlond Docks [88.9S, 66.2W]
-- on a scenic overlook above the Cathlond Docks [89.0S, 66.2W]
-- on a scenic overlook above the Cathlond Docks [89.0S, 66.2W]
-- on a grand Plaza [91.5S, 60.8W]
-- on a Plaza adjacent to Narvindon [92.5S, 62.3W]

Note: Dol Amroth (Faction) (Friend) Vendor Discount (5%) applies.

Also, the characters on the account will automatically receive a Passive Skill that grants a 10% discount when purchasing and repairing with the vendors inside the neighbourhood in which house lies. This does not stack with the Kinship discount, which is 15%. If the character's Kinship house and personal house are in the same neighbourhood, only the Kinship discount will apply.
-- on a grand Plaza [91.6S, 60.8W]
-- on a Plaza adjacent to Narvindon [92.4S, 62.3W]
-- on a grand Plaza [91.6S, 60.9W]
-- on a Plaza adjacent to Narvindon [92.5S, 62.3W]


  • Tol Falthut - Northern Island
Falthut Dock - [86.8S, 74.7W]
  • Tol Lochú - Southern Island
Lochú Dock - [89.5S, 70.4W]



See Item:Premium Housing Writ.

New Premium Housing UI

Click on the image to see a larger copy of the UI.

misc notes

  • They have a range of prices. Numbers in parentheses are upkeep charges
  • Stately Homes: 147 (15), 145 (15), 243 (15)
  • Luxurious Homes: 422 (20), 443 (20), 445 (20), 493 (20)
  • Deluxe Kinship Homes: 707 (3), 745 (30), 894 (30
  • huge gondorian white marble masonery (a dwarf will be pleased)
  • with the white tree insignia outdoors
  • double stairs
  • default stary wallpaper (only visible when applied paint)
  • blue sky like domes
  • indoors balconies
  • since they are all seaside or at Islands, with seagulls on the background, even the elves will love it

LOTRO Store Housing Decoration Bundles

  • Wose Housing Set
  • Happy Pukelman Statue:
  • Wose Woven Basket
  • Wose Light Globes
  • Wose Garden Stones
  • Wose Root Archway

  • Dol Amroth Decoration Set
  • Gondorian Wall Lamp
  • Poted Red Hawfingers
  • Poted Blue Hawfingers
  • Belfalas Boat Post
  • Canopy Reflecting Pool
  • Golden Statue of the Past