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  • Pipe-weed is crafted by Farmers and has no tangible gameplay benefits.
  • Some varieties of pipe-weed are seasonal - their seeds are only available during certain festivals.
Name Effect
Pipe-weed-icon.png Dragon's Breath Pipe-weed Dragon in flight, breathing fire
Pipe-weed-icon.png Eagle's Nest Pipe-weed Eagle in flight
Pipe-weed-icon.png Fungo's Fuzzy-leaf Pipe-weed Arrow
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Gamwich Braid Pipe-weed Fish swimming
Pipe-weed-icon.png Gold-fire Pipe-weed
Pipe-weed-icon.png Hornblower Pipe-weed Two smoke rings
Pipe-weed-icon.png Muddy Foot Pipe-weed Three smoke rings
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Lengalenas Pipe-weed
Pipe-weed-icon.png Longbottom Leaf Pipe-weed Horizontal smoke ring
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Old Toby Pipe-weed heart ring
Pipe-weed-icon.png Roper's Twist Pipe-weed dotted ring that spirals out
Pipe-weed-icon.png Rushlight Pipe-weed One smoke ring
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Shire Sweet-leaf Pipe-weed Sailing ship, moths
Pipe-weed-icon.png Southern Star Pipe-weed Triangle Smoke Ring
Pipe-weed-icon.png Southlinch Pipe-weed Puff of smoke
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Stonecrop Leaf Pipe-weed
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Summer Green-weed Pipe-weed
Pipe-weed-icon.png Sweet Galenas Pipe-weed Sailing ship
Pipe-weed-icon.png Sweet Lobelia Pipe-weed Two smoke rings
Pipe-weed-icon.png Tighfield Choice Pipe-weed Square Smoke Ring
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Wizard's Fire Pipe-weed

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